WHich IOM would you get???

OK this should start a interesting line of discussion Or one heck of a fight

IF you could have any IOM rc sailboat (in the world) which one would you pick?? And the reason why you would choose this sailboat. Oh yeah if you can include a web address so others can go and look at your dream boat would be cool.

For my choice hmmmmmm
I like the looks of the TS2 clone

the other is the Chinook from Bob Stern
(cannot find the picture of this boat dang it)
Or any IOM Cougar is not using HAHAHAHAHA


[:-angel]HEY! That was a post I wanted to start[:D]
ok…I am no IOM guy (as for now) but there are some boats I’d luv to have…hmmm lets think and try to get the url’s

  1. Cockatoo from Jeff Byerley in Australia
    http://members.optusnet.com.au/~jeffbyerley/ it seems that the site is down!

  2. (Light) Ice from Carbonic boats

  3. Disco designed and built by Brad Gibson

4.the very famous TS2

I have no idea about IOM’s…I just like the look of these boats…completely personal…

<font color=“red”>Edit:
Rig by SAILSetc and sail by Blackmagick</font id=“red”>


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


IOMs I currently own:

Errica (Martin Firebrace NZ designer, built by Mike Eldred, San Diego, Cal.)

V2 (Prototype designed and built by Ian Vickers, NZ)

Cockatoo (Jeff Byerly, designer and builder, Aus)

Disco (Brad Gibson, designer and builder, Aus, on order).

Sails are by Black Magic, Brad Gibson, Sailsetc., Powers Sails.

In no particular order, boats at the top of the heap in recent US IOM races have been:

Errica, Cockatoo, Disco, Patriot, TS2, Italico. (I’m sure I’ve forgotten something).

One boat that hasn’t appeared in the US yet because of availability is the current world champion ISIS.

I think the Sterne Chinook has been superceded by his newer “Celebration”.

Cool Roy !!!

Maybe you can give Scot (Sailing Anarchy) Tempesta a run if you get out to the west coast with your Errica? Do ya think?[:D]

Roy, how do you afford all of that? I desperately want to get an IOM or Marblehead but just can’t afford it. Anyway, I’m jealous.

for those people who want to start in a IOM. i would suggest getting climate boatworks epoch. you get great sails. and a pretty good boat. I have one. then look into nimbus or ryhmnn. going for a ts2 or a v3 , both are fine boats but they are expensive. i for one. would like to get my hands on a wide skiff design
i own 3 IOM and i kit IOM

For those people who want to start in an IOM, I would suggest talking to the IOM sailors at their local club, and buying second-hand.

Certain designs suit certain conditions. If you mainly sail in a light winds area, you’ll break your heart trying to be competitive with a V3 or TS2, something narrow would be the way to go. Conversely, if you are regularly at the top of No.1 rig, the wide beam skiffs are superb. To know the winds of your sailing venue, you need to talk to the locals.

If you are new to the IOM, new to anything actually, there is a learning curve. Buy second-hand, and give yourself a season to learn. At the end of that season, you’ll be able to sell your boat for pretty much what you paid if you’ve taken care of it, and you’ll be in an excellent position to then make the right choice for you.

Lester Gilbert

I was interested in buying and racing a Cockatoo, however there is not any clubs racing the IOM’s in Arizona. Perhaps some day they will catch on here.

Seawind #80

Tom: Craig Mackie has a Patriot IOM and Charlie Ellis just bought a Cockatoo. Both are in Scottsdale.

i would not mind getting my hands on a kite from bantock. it looks like a wide skiff design. with the wind that i have around here, we have variable going from light to heavy. but nothing in the middle
long live the cup

just finished my kite… and is runs real nice. BUT it does tend to need some rudder… I dont know IF i built it wrong or not… but I dont mind it… seems to scoot with most wind conditions.