Which IOM to build

I have decided to build an IOM. This will be the first real R/C boat I am building, though I made a bastard footy and I have build an RC plane before.

I am a poor college kid, so I want to know what boat will be the best compormise of inexpensive, and easy to build, and performance. I have seen lots of plans out there.
Here are a few I have found.

Nimbus MKII IOM Construction Plan
Round bilge hull for planked or moulded construction. Very complete construction details for hull. Marine Modelling plan and best choice for beginners to the sport and to home building.

Kite IOM Construction Plan 2001
Round bilge hull of moderate beam for planked construction. Sections and frames shown full size with plan and profile at half size. Use thin plywood for the foredeck and cockpit.

BoxKite IOM Construction Plan 2001
Hard chine version of KITE with four panels each side. Use thin plywood to make the panel shapes shown full size plan for a quick build hull. Full rig details are also included for inexpensive homebuilt booms and gooseneck.

and these

Thank you for your help!

Any IOM hull will cost about the same to build yourself.
The savings come from building the fittings and sails yourself.
Many also purchase fins and rudders,you can build these as well.I would purchase a plan that shows " inexpensive homebuilt booms and gooseneck. "
This is where the savings are for us DIY guys.
I can normally build an IOM from scratch cheaper than you can buy some plastic kit.
A resonably competitive IOM can be built for a few hundred bucks if you have the required skills.

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as for what IOM to build. most of this is up to you. I have built nimbus and rythmnn. and right now I am building KITE. you say you want to go cheap. well . you can do it. but start thinking RIGHT NOW. like brett said, us diy guys find cheaper ways of doing things. yes you can go out and buy a $170 mast kit. or you can do a little bit of tinkering. and use a pine dowel for a mast. 2 arrow shafts for boom. and pick up Victors boomvang . now for the total price of $40 cdn. i have done what the high end mast kit has. but what i sacrifce is wieght. and time. you can buy a premade one. or spend a little time and go cheaper. look at how to attach shrouds. do you need a fancy chainplate? or can you make do with screw eyes? do you need fancy dacron line? or will fishing line do?
The best i can say for you . is to build kite. ( becuase I am doing this. and i design my own) then start to study the plans and look at building it. buy your radio and gear. are you going to use a winch? or sail arm? then start to make it. you can do the hull for less than $30 cdn. this is how much my hull cost me. but i still have to build the fin, rudder, and bulb
hope this helped. if you need to talk. I am on msn. or you can pm me

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I reckon that the IOM to build is the Triple Crown from England. From what I’ve seen it’s performance is exceptional. Plans available free from http://www.radiosailing.org.uk/

I bunch of the guys in my club are going to build a few Orion Mk 4’s do you know anything about them?

There is an ORION design by Danish builder seen at the following URL:-


Only a Picture and the designers name.



If you dont get in by the previous URL then try the following:-


Then go through ‘Technical’ & click on ‘IOM’s around the World’ and go to page #3. it is on the list. Click on it. Bingo - I hope!


there are a couple of other designs available free try www.anderwallin.net
These are from well known designer Charles Detriche. And another current design called a Noux. This is a DXF file which for some reason I have had difficulty downloading. There are also plans for routing a bulb and rudder if anyone is interested.


Sorry the link don’t work.




…the quick-n-dirty answer is to get the one that you like the looks of the best. Sort of have to ballance that with the cost, then have at it.

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Another boat with a very good performance ist the “vanquish”. You can find the plans here -> http://www.modellsegeln-bodensee.de/bootsbau.php

For more details you can ask Dan Sherman :wink:


Nice! bookmarked it! i will check it later. Thanks very much for sharing