Which forum to use?

Hello all,

As the title suggests, are we supposed to use this older version or the newer forum?
I have seen activity on both and I’m just not sure where to update?


as far as I know, the new beta forum has not yet been integrated to assure old posts, threads and especially photos are brought forward and integrated. I have not been notified of a successful conversion/update, so it probably is wise to continue using this forum until we are notified. If you feel so inclined, I guess you can continue with the Beta forum, but it IS still BETA test so there is always a significant change may delete any recent postings. Sorry I can’t provide you with any further information.


visited the beta afew times…lost th e link…

I was wondering why it seemed quiet over here

I’ll stick to the “old one” then :slight_smile:
But I clicked on some links that came up via Google search and it landed me on the new forum. That’s when I saw the activity in that. If you type to sailing.net/forum you go straight to the new version… Which looks great imho :stuck_out_tongue: