Which Class M or US Meter One

I’m a newbie to Model Yachting coming over from RC Sailplanes. Could someone recommend some good kits in US One Meter and the Marblehead class? And where to find the good kit manufacturers.


With the exception of some “plastic” 1 meter kits, you probably won’t find anything in the “M” or US 1 Meter classes as true “kits” for assembly. Most are scratch built or purchased from a custom builder.

In the “plastic kit” area, don’t discount the Victor Products Soling, or the Seawind which are both recognized AMYA classes. This means you would find a decent resale value as both are pretty rigid one-design classes.

As always - check locally first, as you may find something used to let you get started at an entry level price. Just to put into perspective the “M” Class can easily reach costs of over $2,000 for a competitive, state-of-the-art boat. Most plans avilable are also a bit older, and not current design as well. If you elect to go the US1M route, you may find some good used boats, but they can run upwards of $1200 as well - even used.

A good source of info is the AMYA website - just do your homework to be sure what you decide on is fairly current and raced nearby.


hi axle
as dick was saying you can be looking at a large payout for competative m’s or iom’s but saying that if you are willing to look around and don’t mind a boat just of the pace there are some good second hand boats around i’m sailing a 20 year old marble. A maltese falcon (australian design) i paid $150aus for this boat it sails well not super fast but in our club it is in the top 3 every week

For US1M “kits” you may want to contact Mike Hughes. You can find his contact informations on this site or the US1M Yahoo group site.


i would also suggest contacting mike. not only does he have us 1 meters, but he also does a IOM called"kite" and that is the next IOM i am building.

Thanks Guys.

I hope you are aware of the difference between the M class and the one meter class?

The “M” class, a.k.a. 50/800 class, has hull length 50 inches and 800 sq. in. sail area, while the one meter (USOM, or US1M) is 39 inch (1 meter) hull length and 600 sq in. sail area.

Then you have several different major types of 1 meters, like the IOM (International One Meter), the USOM/US1M (U.S. 1 meter), the ODOM (One Design One Meter) and 1M (Open 1 meter).

M-class is NOT the 1 Meter class!

Thanks for all the info guys.

Since your inquiry was about kits, I would suggest you consider the ODOM class ( http://odom-coa.com/home.htm) . It qualifies as a US 1M, but has the benefit of being a “one design” which means your costs will be more controlled. The kit is of very good quality, which is a plus if you’re not interested in doing a build from scratch.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of boats being sailed by others in your area. If you plan to race without needing to travel long distances, this should be a primary consideration in the type of boat you choose.

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Bill, nice to meet another ODOM sailor, where do you live/sail.