Which boat to get as first rc yacht pls?

Hi am adult looking to try rc sailing. Please recommend good first rc sailing boat.

I thought about this one as it has all in package.

Ripmax Paradise Yacht Red Ready to Run R/C Sailboat (HCA901A3) & quite cheap price £110


am in London.

or the

Kyosho Fortune 612 II Radio Controlled Sailing Yacht (40041RS


Also where are good places to sail in London.

Before you rush out and buy a plastic kit, try this web site.


There you will find local clubs and get lots of advice. It is better to get a boat that is being sailed locally as you will have instant friends and lots of help.

Price is always a factor in buying a kit boat, but it is unfortunately nearly always a factor in the final quality and hence enjoyment.
A couple of boats that are usually held up as examples of what a kit boat should be and which are available in the UK are The Kyosho Seawind and the Graupner MicroMagic. But, as hiljoball says, if you want to sail in company, it’s always a good idea to see what what is being sailed locally for both the advice and a source of quality second hand boats.

amazingly there are no clubs in big London. Can anyone help find club somewhere in or very near this town please .thanks

Ok, found Two Islands RYC Lynmouth Crescent, Milton Keynes . Which is about 1.5 hours from me. Which I can travel to the events. Now this club races something called

  1. IMO rc yachts
  2. laser handicap

I wonder if Kyosho FORTUNE 612 II fills any of those classes. If not please suggest boat to get for those races. thanks

Also is this boat ready to sail: Thunder Tiger RC Remote Control America’s Cup yacht, the ETNZ - Super Combo?



The IOM is a tightly controlled class that is sailed world-wide and is one of the best all-around boats for handling a wide range of wind and water conditions. They are great boats (I sail one). They can cost from US$600 to several thousand. But if you want quality, this is the way to go. Used boats are always available and there is a resale market.

The Laser is a ready to sail boat that transports easily. Just put in the rig, switch on and go. It is probably the most tightly controlled one-design available.

The ETNZ is one of the better kit boats. Some assembly is required. If you want a ‘scale’ look this may work, but the IOM is a far better sailing boat.

No, none of the kits you mentions fit the IOM class. There is an IOM kit called a Robbie Windstar - get the one with without the internal surfaces coloured gelcoat as the coloured one is not class legal - as the layup cannot be seen to verify construction materials.

Have you considered transportation? The IOM and its rig box can be bit large unless you have a car with folding rear seats. ditto the ETNZ. The Laser could be carried on a bus.

thats useful info thanks. At the moment I will just get this one as it looks really good and price is good. Also its qutie close to IOM class so can get good practice on it.



thanks blesses

First clubs: if you go to http://www.mya-uk-members.org.uk/clubs/club_contacts.asp there are a couple of clubs in greater London and a fair few around (e.g. Brentwood, Swanley etc).
There’s a good build thread for the Monsoon on http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=14796.0
It has definite quality issues and is not a boat guaranteed to encourage your interest in r/c sailing. Chinese boats tend to look good, but the manufacturers tend to copy the looks with little or no understanding of what makes them work.
P.S. I think there are MicroMagics for hire at the Swanley venue. It could be a good way to start. Have a look at http://www.magicmicro.org/news.php

wow Martin massive thanks for that monsoon 900 built review. Now i know it s a nice looking peace of crap basically. will look for another beginners boat then . may be you can recommend something reasonably priced. thansk

Hey Eric, truth be told there is only one boat for you to start with.
That is a Micro Magic. http://magicmicro.org/news.php
There are now a good number of these racing in England and they sail really well. The size makes for easy transport and the group in your country will make you very welcome.

Try also rge RG65, you may build it yourself and that’s how you get the best cost.
Lots of plans for free on the net, for instance on http://rg65.free.fr/start.php
try “Palo de Agua”, or “Apsara bouchains”

Forums to answer your queries in most countries incl. UK, USA etc.


wow so that will be my first boat:


there r two types:

Micro Magic £93.50
Micro Magic Racing £116.50

whats the difference between them pls?

I love to buy whole set ready to sail with rc controller can be used. can someone point me to right direction please.

thanks blesses

23 pounds?:stuck_out_tongue:
The Racing is an updated version with a slimmer longer ballast bulb, slightly modified hull and minor bits and pieces.
Do go to http://magicmicro.org/news.php register and spend a day reading the forum posts. There’s loads of helpful information and a few posters (well, I can remember one;)) from the London Area.

Eric, the racing version is the only one to buy.
They would be better to designate them the series I & II as there are many improvements in the later version.
You will get great support from the local sailors and from those of us here as well. Good luck. :zbeer:

Great. So i’ll be looking to get MM mk2 from good source at good price. Does anyone know retailer selling the whole MM racing mk2 with rc unit as a set please. I dont have tools to put it together at home. thanks blesses

p.s. can be used as i’ve seen new go for over £300! thanks is there a used MM racing forum in uk pls?

It’s one of the UK’s most active forums:

Scroll down a bit to see the forum. You’ll find almost anything you want to know about the MicroMagic