Where's Chad

As this site seems to melt down, where is Chad?

A little clarity and direction would be helpful.

Chad, please say something…

I hope Chad will read the Formula 99 topic to see what happened from the first post on. That started out to be about the Formula 100, a boat several forum members are building or have built and MANY others are interested in. Many of those individuals have contacted me and said they feel intimidated by the kinds of off topic , name calling and personally directed posts posted under that(F100) topic. There was no excuse for the name calling -if they were not interested in the Formula 100 why did they post? Simple -they(Roy, Greg , Cougar, Wis) can’t stand new ideas and take every opportunity to knock such ideas even when it means going off topic, personal attacks and name calling. Numerous people were prepared to post serious questions(and ideas) under that topic but were driven off by the off topic junk–posted by people WITH ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN THE F100 which, of course, was the topic!!!

I also want to say that this forum is not melting down-there may be some who claim that they will leave but if the e-mail coming to me is any indication many more will contribute for the first time if they can believe that they will not be subjected to the same BS as were Matthew and myself under the F99(formerly F100) topic. Off topic posts by people NOT INTERESTED IN THE TOPIC is a guarantee of conflict. And a source of great discouragement for those interested in a topic that is burdened with hostile off topic posts.
And then there is the case of the two moderators right in the thick of it! What kind of “fair and impartial” judgement is that? What code of ethics allows such behavior? How can anyone rely on help from people who are part of the problem? Read that topic Chad-it is a microcosm of the problem. Also read Will Gorgens post under Gregs Pub post…

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Doug Lord
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Where is Chad??

I have been extremely busy at work and life. I have a chance once in awhile to come check on my website but only to see that there are posts attacking me personally [B)] (Greg V), Doug and Dick still fighting, Doug still seems to be posting a million things about the same technology just working it into just about every other post.

So when I come on to try and enjoy my website, I end up seeing more things that upset me. Then I start to think what is the best way to try and solve this problem while keeping everybody happy.[:-banghead]

I have tried reseting everything and starting over ( which works for a few days or weeks).

I have now brought in moderators who have I believe are doing a good job but now share some of the stress that I do.

So basically after all this it boils down to what to do with Doug?

(possible solution: start over AGAIN but with moderator rules and rules of conduct and go from there)



if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!



I was going to e-mail you this but since this is related I will post it here. First let me say I understand your annoyance with certain people. Since I have become a moderator I have started a new job that keeps me away from my home 12 hours a day. Some night I just want to come home and read through the forums that I am a member of. But I have almost come to dread logging in here to read the threads because more there likely there is something that will need moderation. Don?t get me wrong I expect to have to moderate things from time to time, but in the last month I have dealt with 5 incidents, and I think that?s out of control for a forum of this size. I belong to one forum that routinely sees around 250 posts in a 24 hour period, and I can?t remember an incident there that needed moderation since before Christmas.

Some of the possible ways of fix the forum that I can think of are.

  1. Have several moderators for each forum so that they can all be well moderated and rogue or bating post can?t be made.

  2. And of course banning Doug is still a possibility. Since it seems most problems involve him in some form.

  3. Some form of 3 strikes your out rule. In my experience it seems to work better than probation because with the probation method some people just wait till there probation is up and then they go back to there old harassing ways.

If I had to put them in order of which one I think would make your job and the moderators the easiest, I would say 2, 3, and then 1. However you decide to do it I will stand behind your decision 100%.

Dan Sherman

another thing…sorry

Maybe by putting one moderator pro discussion group will help too.
For ex:
New Classes: Mod A
General Dis: Mod B

I know we(I) am asking much…but I am with one foot in windpower.
Of course, now I can really understand that having much work and a life, makes thing more difficult to check, especially with the monkeys we have (yes; ME included…and its not an offence here…if you feel so-------> SORRY!)

Again thank you


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


what i propose it to let anybody post thier ideas over a 24 hour time period, then if you want a new idea, then you have to contact the moderator and that person will post it. the pub was a good idea. but it was used badly. i think it need some rules to be inforced there. I also am a member of windpower. but i like the informal setting which we HAD here. Everybody has a life. and the cannot and should not have to babysit this forum. i have talk with you about my conduct. I do not have a multi hull. nor do i want one. so i dont post in that section. but i do have a IOM , us 1 meter, victoria, soiling, and 2 new IACC20 boats. now , I have told you want i have in experince here. i design boats. i know a fair bit about them. but i am by no meens an expert. I would not even tell people that. but i know enough for me… so this would be my suggestion for fixing this problem

  1. only moderator would be allowed to post topics. if a certian person wanting a topic to be dicussed. you contact the moderator. and he (or she) will post it.

  2. repeated attempts at baiting or out right name calling wiil warrant a time out. the offending person can come and read. but can not post anything. ( you can work out a time)

  3. to encourage the new exchange of idea, and to put a halt to any post gone awry. you post in the pub and if it gets a good repsonse. the mods. can move it to an different section. say for example. MAKING YOU OWN SAILS) could start in the pub and if people wanted information and people where helping people. you could move it to general disuccion, or techonlogy.

this is just a suggestion for a member . not from a moderator. but also from a sailor who just wants to sail

Thank You Chad, I had practically given up on this forum at the start of the week, but as long as you still want me as a moderator I will help as best I can along the lines of the new forum rules.
Cheers again, Matt