Where to get adhesive sail numbers.


I picked up a set of the Tippicanoe sails. Haven’t used them yet. I want to get the sail numbers on them. I prefer the adhesive numbers. Charles Samaha used to sell a nice kit with the numbers properly spaced that you applied each set of numbers, ie:250, all at once. See photo. I know the numbers on the main aren’t oriented per class specs(should be aligned with the mast not the leach). His website doesn’t seem to be operational anymore.

Does anyone know where I can get a similar product.



Hi John,
Charles Samaha seems to be out of business. Scott Rowland at Windjammin Sails http://www.beanbag.com/wjsails.htm supplies the “S” logos I send out with Registrations and can supply 3" numbers in the same material. You need to order as separate digits and apply to the sails in the correct orientation and spacing.
PS: Are you coming to the NCR in September?

I received some sail numbers today for some new Kyosho sails I’ve had for awhile. They came from Windjammin Sails, as mentioned. In the past I’ve made my own, from “sail repair tape” that was almost too narrow. I liked the tape, because it was lighter ripstop material than what the SW logo is made from. However, I’m not convinced the lighter weight adhesive on the material is going to be as durable. Hence, the eventual order from Windjammin. The new numbers are much higher quality, but I hope their slightly heavier weight doesn’t affect sail shape.