Where to find Harken miniature HW

Hi Everyone,

A newbie on the line!

A quick question:
Does anyone know where to find Harken miniature hardware? I tried the Model Marine Corporation but their e-mail is not working. And I don’t seem to be able to find the stuff anywhere else.


I think that Dean Derusha (owner of MMC) follows this forum from time to time & will hopefully respond to your question.

Great - what a nice coincidence! I’ll just sit back and wait.



I am still here…and thank you Bill K!

I was at Harken and picked up the new 1/2" scale new hardware…what is the scale needed? Ball bearing or show? Regards, Dean

Thanks Derusha for sending me private mail!

Sorry everyone for the extreme delay…
I have put together a 70+ actual hardware sheet of stainless steel to offer for the serious builder of sail scale. This sheet is $70.00 plus s&h. I still need to advertise with a proper web site. However because of the interest(and frustration of some) I need to do something.

To the web host: I will advertise so as not to seek free publicity.

Heavy into R&D and hope you all can see the bigger picture-long term.

For those who want the sheet please send $75.00 +$11.00s&h to:

          Model Marine LLC
           p.o. box 656
            Freeland,Michigan 48623   USA         

P.S. sheet is worth 3X the $70.00     DD