Where is Mamadlo?

I remember that Mamadlo was mentioned at the Birkenhead bash, but can’t remember what exactly was said.

Where is she? who is getting her ready for the water?

I don’t know if she is part of the future, but Flavio and his Folgore have shown us that effective doesn’t have leave the aesthetics by the side of the lake.

If only someone made a lead-acid AA cell - we could combine the ballast and battery in the hull! I wonder if cylon do a little cell?

Pic attached to remind us


She’s on the back burner mates. Too busy to tool. She has not been forgotten, she’s just in a line of to-do lists.

I am confident that she will perform, just gotta get’er done.

Efforts to speed her production up is one of the priorities, and now with her mention, moved up the list.

I still need to work on the cat as well.

thanks for the update, Nigel

If you need a builder…

How do you get the cat to hold still to work on it?

btw - your workmanship is inspiring - you are my target for glass quality!

What I have to do is make a quality plug. The proto was quikly carved from foam, to make real a mental rendering. Flashes were cast cast to get a working proto, then a proto was made.

How do I get the cat to hld still. :lol: You are too much. :smiley:

I feel I have come full circle now. It was years ago that I used a German-made boat, with an outstanding quality lay-up, to use as my target. Now someone is doing that with my lay-ups.


Once you get the first coat of resin to set it’s not that tough:sly:

I’ve tried feeding iron filings in the cat food and using a supermagnet:D

Do you remember the Dreadco Zigzg runner beans and ceiling lawn?

Dreadco was Daedalus’ operative company, was it not? Don’t remember the things you mention.

You are not confusing the Ceiling Lawn with the “green side up” joke?

I find it interesting that the ceiling in a ship is the thing you stand on - does this apply in the antipodes as well?

andrew in emu-on-acid mode

Stop messin about Nigel - my foreign black (all black Siamese, thinks he’s a dog is totally bonkers and short of barking will fetch, open doors, flush the toilet (if only i could get him to do the business in there too)) even he is willing to build it it for you

Now come on Nigel are you going to let a cat show you how to do it???

You mean the cat is barking mad?

Sorry, couldn’t resist it. Suffering from an excess of speciaalvertegenwoordigers.


even if Mamadlo has not been launched yet, due to the fact that I have already build several small long keel model, I can guess that her performances will be far from a gaff rocket.

these kind of boats, are nice sailers for a quiet sunday afternoon, but the short span of the keel is not so efficient both from stability as well from “lift” point of view.

I have not used the trick of a “battery keel” but my feeling is that this kind of boats , if not receiving extra bonus point for their nice look( as andrew has proposed ), are not potential winners.

even if they tack, jibe and have very good seaworthiness


folgore ITA 5

these are three different examples : babau, Whoopi, Rae


Thanks for a sight of these little beauties - I can see you have been planking for quite a time.

In the footy length I think that you are probably correct - they are full of character and charm (and maybe stability in pitch and yaw) but not a race winner.

It would, of course be possible to add a fin to the max depth and gold* bulb to maximise the stiffness in roll so that some taller rig could be carried, I know that this is not very elegant, but the appearance above the surface could be a tall fine gaff rig with gaff topsail and 3 or 4 jibs and a lot of bowsprit
*I mentioned lead in a US group and we never heard the last shouting for weeks

I saw my first firefly near Genova, also nearly got washed off my Ducati in a summer storm!

Flavio. Those are some of the best-looking boats I have ever seen.

My intetion with the Mamadlo was a wee-J, and to see how/if it sails well. Not so much as the new “Scalpel”, but just a shallow-drafter, that looks nice. It won’t be as nice as your shapes, but I also now have some beautiful inspiration.


hi andy, hi Nigel,

many thanks for your kindly comments about my little gaffers

something more about them :

rig :
gaff rig, with only one foresail can be ( on models ) a very efficient one
I have also tested cat rig, yawl, and lug rig

hull :
I have built them both with fin keel, and long keel, planked or bread and butter balsa

size :
many of them are about 150 mm ( 6 inches ), the smallest one is around 100 mm, two or three are footys, few of them are slighty bigger.

All of them are abe to go upwind , and are also quite fast.

[FONT=“Book Antiqua”][SIZE=“3”]half toys, half models - a lot of fun

By the way, I am a sailing instructor, and I have experienced that models are also a very succesful [/SIZE][/FONT]teaching method.


Folgore ITA - 5

from left to right : Alice, Cirulla, Pimpa, Whoopy