where can i buy a rg-65

Hi, i would like to know if anyone can tell me where can y buy a RG-65. thnks a lot.

Please tell us what country - because a lot of cost is in shipping ! Maybe we can find you someone in your country - or close to you.

Thanks, Dick

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But i have friends in brasil, USA, Holand, France, Spain, Chile. i don’t know what country is the best option for mi to buy the rg-65.
Thanks a lot.

Two names come to mind here in the U.S. -

I’m not sure if he is building them yet - but you can try Rod Carr Sails. It is possible he has started on them since the class recently became a recognized national class. He is in Redmond Washington - web page is: http://www.carrsails.com/

Brian Sims is the other who I believe is building sails for the RG and is developing an RG65 of his own design. He owns Vision Sails and web site is:http://www.visionsails.com/#

Probably any other r/c sail maker can meet your needs, given desired sail shape and sizes. If you contact either of the two above, please remind them that I provided their reference to you. It would be much appreciated.

Good luck, welcome to the forum here, and please post photos of your boat (and it’s construction if available).

Dick Lemke
Minnesota, USA

RG65 USA # 05

If you look at http://www.aerg.rg65.com/enlaces.php under “astilleros” there are many suppliers listed, of which several are in Argentina.

thank you for your help. It’s been very helpfull.
Another question, if you let me. what radio control kit do you recommend me. as far as i been reading, i must get one which i can change de frecuency, if im planning to run in case there is another boat with the same frcuency?
i will really apresiate your help.
best regards,

Any radio control set will get you sailing.
A standard AM two channel stick set as still available for rc cars, gliders and yachts will do - but do not buy one! If the budget is limited beg a set for free.

Better is an FM set, usually three of four channel. The main advantage of these is the very cheap and readily available small and light weight receivers (5-10g rather than 30g). A second hand set should cost you very little as these are now replaced by:

2.4Ghz sets. These do not need crystals when sailing with others and can cost less than traditional older technology sets.
If you want to be competitive, then weight becomes a concern. If buying a set make sure you get a light weight receiver and servos and battery. All of these have made giant strides in the last 10 years.
Most get their radio gear from Hong Kong mail order houses - Hobby King being the most popular.
This is the best bargain you will find:
It is a 6 channel computer programable set with twin receivers. Being programable you can set up your sail servo throws to be beyond the normal 60 degrees and it will give you all the bells and whistles you will need if you decide to fly planes or helicopters or build a galleon with firing cannons and multi masts… You can use one receiver with case removed in boats and get a 5gm receiver. Full discussion here:
This set is sold under many other brand names at a higher price and bundled with helicopters and RTF aircraft, so may be available locally.
Buy a couple or more receivers, they are cheap and you will need them for other projects later. You may prefer a mode 2 transmitter - winch on the left.
Their HXT 9 gram servos are famously good value - would do for a balanced-rudder servo.
A ‘Park’ 20-30 gram, 3kg torque servo would be needed for the sails, depending on the rig chosen, the friction in the installation, voltage and the conditions you will sail in. The GWS metal gear servo is recommended but not sold by HK:
Their budget Turnigy servo may do the job?:
You might as well go Lithium for your battery as they are cheap, long lived and very light. A single cell will drive most receivers and servos, but with less torque than on 6volts (get a higher torque servo). Anything from 500mAh up will give hours of sailing (no stalled servos allowed). You can use a cell phone battery and charger if you like. Protected consumer batteries are another way to go (avoids fatal discharge of Li battery):
You will need a lead to go from the battery to the receiver.

If u wanna get good looking rg-65 go to http://www.pro-sails.com/
They make sexy boat :slight_smile:

Arrogante, Have you been to Plaza Justo Jose de Urquiza on a Saturday afternoon? Many sailors and yachts there. I bet someone has a used boat to sell (there is an advantage to getting a local boat since it’s builder is available for consultation). They will advise you on the frequencies question you had too.

I know a couple of builders in BsAs, they post here sometimes. I got a boat from H.Q. - (are you watching, Che?). ML, ¿Estás? You would be loco to buy elsewhere, you have the best right there!

If you PM (email) me I can tell you some more.


Hi Yar …

hey - did you ever register your boat with the US RG-65 COA?

how you been - besides, probably busy?


Hi Dick,
Good of you to say hello. Not busy, I check here, yet I’ve had nothing to say.

I’m not the registering type of guy. I’m the only toy boat(s) for a radius of 100 miles.


Hmmmm - better take the “toy” the the local library and see if they (or Parks Department) will help promote a “build-it-yourself” class. It’s one way to get interest started… :wink:

I just don’t have any contacts up that way - unless you count Ames Construction. Maybe I could get that group of guys/company interested.

Stay safe.


Not interested in all that (the ‘100 mile’ comment was not about wanting company, just that registering wouldn’t affect my world).

I build for my interest in that part of the hobby, am gratified when the yacht turns out balanced and fast, sail with friends when travel brings us together for laughs but am most relaxed when all sense of organization, numbers, times, lists, and how-to’s dissolve when the sails catch a breeze.

We hijacked the thread. Arrogante, what about your RG65?


Hi YAR, Dick,

Are you coming to the first RG65 world championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina 08-2010? We are working hard to do it possible.


Maximo -

We were looking at going to Chile this year - and to meet German Pica and perhaps Tato, but economy really is bad so we decided not to go - however, I keep discussing with the wife and would love to go if I can. It is a L-O-N-G flight, however.

There is a (remote) possibility that I might attend, but final decision will happen after the new year - most likely. I sure would love to meet you guys if it were possible.

Maybe we need to get the Barbados guys to host a World event - it would be a lot closer, and they throw one heck of a great party ! :smiley: :zbeer:

At Parque Norte?

If work brings me there next year, I will be so happy to say hello and sail with you. Maybe I will get lucky - with more luck it will be in August.

Hope you are well. Greetings to Patrice, Hugh.


The only other thing to watch out for is the cut-off voltage. A 3 cell LiPo needs a cut-off voltage of 9 volts. Now days there are lots of brushed ESCs that can be set for LiPo cut-off voltages. A lot of them can even be programmed, this will allow the ESC to be used with LiPo and Ni-Mh
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