Where are all the Footys at? Individuals or fleets

There have to be a lot of Footys still out there, here in the USA, or elsewhere. If you are in a group or club where they are still sailed often, or even occasionally, please say hi and share your basic location here. Maybe it will help to find a few new Footy sailors and club members. If you’re an individual Footy sailor maybe there are others nearby who could hook up casually. I think it would be fun and interesting to see your photos and get a idea of the current state of Footydom.

To kick it off I’m in Sheboygan, WI and just recently started sailing and building a couple of Footys again. We had a small group here in the past, but for now it’s just me.


Am I not seeing replies or have there been no responses. I’m currently in Bartlesville, OK with no Footy sailors around. I’m hoping to gather some interest within the community here in the near future. Hopefully someone will see me sailing at the pond and inquire about Rc sailing. As far as The Footy class, I hope it hasn’t suffered because of the pandemic.

Unfortunately it is very quiet here Rdorr. I’d suggest trying my thread under the same title at rcgroups/ sailboats.