What's the optimum lead shot shape in ballast

Now I get the Fairwind.Try to put small lead shot in ballast.What’s shape of top serface of lead shot in ballast? Or pararel the water line is ok?



Hey Joey,

Great to have you joining us…

Parallel to the waterline is best. That will get your ballast as low in the boat as possible.

Take a look at the building tips that Dennis Desprois offered on the Fairwind site: http://fairwind.datsol.com/tip/tip.htm. His servo tray idea is really great and a lot better than what comes in the kit. His mast bulkhead is a bit of overkill, but he has the right idea. If you want the templates for any of those bulkheads send him an email…

He also makes some really nice sails for the Fairwind. If you plan on racing, you might want to get some sails from him to replace the kit sails. The kit sails are not so great shapewise.

Let me know if you need any other pointers.

  • Will

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Will Gorgen

I do Servo tray by myself.It’s lighter than factory’s one. but don’t like Dennis’s one because I didn’t know the arm material that suitable for that.So I do like the position in Seawind let S3801 in the middle with arm came with it.But now don’t fix it.

In Thailand …Just start a competition test… Maybe I’ll plan on racing.