Whats the diffrence


I’m looking to build a TC from England once I send some $$$ over for the plans. My question is what is the diffrance between a USIOM and a IOM. Are they the same class or diffrent, if so in what way.


You mean a USOM (rather than a USIOM)?

A quick look at the rules of both will show you the key differences. The IOM is more restricted and has a minimum sailing weight of 4kg. The USOM has fewer restrictions as to material etc, and most of the competitive USOMs are much lighter than IOMs.

You are in Australia? It’s a no brainer there - as far as I know there are no USOM fleets in Oz. The IOM is however widespread.

The TC is a good choice.


For a quicker start try looking at the ARYA site for 2nd boats for sail - www.radiosailing.org.au