What's the deal with the RC Laser racing class?

I’ve often wondered why the Laser doesn’t have an active racing class. I am aware of active clubs in spotty locations around the US, and I know it is more popular in the UK.
Does anyone know what the deal is here in the US[?]


Bill: I don’t think the r/c laser is more popular in numbers in the UK than in the US. Sometimes the grass always seems greener somewhere else.

As to what is going on with the boat in the US, the r/c laser is an AMYA sanctioned racing class and there are a number of active fleets all around the US. If you contact Steve Lange the class secretary I’m sure he can tell you where the nearest group is to you.

As to why the r/c laser is not everywhere, well, we have a lot of classes to choose from in the US. On the low end there are racing class boats that sell for half the price of an r/c laser. On the high end, there are clubs that have been racing Ms or 36/600s or US1Ms or EC12s etc. for years and its hard to introduce a new boat to those groups.

All in all, the r/c laser is still a great boat. Probably the strictest r/c sailing one design around, practically indestructable, assembles in less than ten minutes and you can carry the boat and all its rigs in a shoulder bag.

Roy, you mentioned several low priced racing class boats, what do you recommend? I have the RC sailing bug and constantly want more more more (I have a Sea Dolphin, Nirvana, Laser, Footy and Fortune). Thanks!

The best advice on what boat to buy is to choose one that others in your local area are also sailing. It gives you the option of eventually racing.

As to other popular “lower” priced r/c boats that you don’t already own, the Victoria and the Victor 32 come to mind. A little more, expensive are the CR914 and the ODOM. All have large active racing fleets in the US.

Again, though, look to see what others are sailing in your area.

my suggestion to you. is to find what other people in your area are sailing. and get one of those. and if you want a good boat. to start. the amya recogizes the soiling as a active class and those are cheap
but where you are .just talk to poeple . all of us like to talk about our boats. and we can help you
good luck
long live the cup

Thanks for the replies. I went to Central Park on saturday for a little bit and briefly got to see some beautiful one meters race (not sure if they were International’s or US’s). I thought they were really nice but probably out of my price league ($500 or $600). How are the Victor Soling kits? Are they well made and easy to assemble? The price seems about right. Thanks again!


Alex: If you were at the Park on Saturday you should have stopped by and talked with us. We probably would have let you borrow a boat if you asked. The boats you saw racing on Saturday were IOMs and 36/600s.

If you are in the New York area, I think the club at Eisenhower Park in Long Island races the Victor Solings (32?) and Ms… At Mill Pond on Long Island they race ODOMs, Ms and As. In Central Park we race IOMs, 36/600s, IOMs, Ms and maybe soon Nirvannas.

The Victor kits are inexpensive and popular. However, given the other boats you own, I wouldn’t suggest buying one unless you plan to join a group that races them.

If you are interested in a more elaborate race boat, one alternative is to look at used boats.