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Hey all,

I’ve been perusing the net looking for options for a decent second boat project. I initiated myself on a Vic, made race-ready of course. But I’d like to get into a second. In all honesty, I’d like to move to a fiberglass hull and have been considering the ODOM. Would this be a decent second yacht? Or possibly building up from scratch. What’s your thoughts? Thanks,


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Travis -

the ODOM is an excellent choice - as it allows “some” building, but is a fairly well controlled one-design class. It has a weight minimum that a non-pro builder should be able to hit (or get darn close) and the hull and parts are available from a sole-source manufacturer at about $350 - but then add in the electronics (2 channel) and sails an I think you will be pressing the $600 range when all said and done. Because it is a one-design, hull building isn’t allowed - so if you want to build a hull as well as the entire boat - perhaps you are thinking US1Meter - but that class does have some high-end building scope for lightness for most parts of the country. It does allow for your own hull design and build if that is what you are after.

Almost time for a MultiONE trimaran? [:D]

Not sure about that now. Though a maker of Formula 48’s is a local to the club I sail with. That is until he relocates. As for the building, I was thinking along the lines of one of the older US1M boats that are available on the AMYA site. Not necessarily for racing purposes, but to putter around with. Yes, even race some. One never knows now do we…


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

OK - then - quick … buy one of those Formula48’s from him before he heads off to California. [:D]

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Ooops - forgot… Just wanted to be sure you understood that the hull for ODOM is already built while a US1M is a hull you can design and build yourself. Wasn’t sure of the level of building you wanted to do.

ODOM = <u>One Design </u>One Meter
US1M = U.S. 1 Meter