Whatever Happened to the ZBF?

I was looking through my collection of Footy photos, and found one of Andrew’s ZBF, and I remembered that it was a work-in-progress, so I’m now wondering if it’s still floating around or permanently on the boat stand?


Real answer - neither of the options you mentioned:)

I have been planning, and even written, a post to explain the currrent state of play with ZBF, and what I plan to do to make her a world-beater (or at the very least a world-beating discussion-point)

As always with addictions the first step is to confess, own and recognise the problem:

“My name is Andrew, and I am a smart-a***”
I designed and named ZBF without understanding the way in which the fundamental problem would appear - and I failed to read the name I had given her.
several sensible people had gently enquired where the righting moment to resist the sail forces would come from, and I responded from my confidence in the original concept and hope
When sailed she lays on her side with the sail in the water because of effectively zero righting force

Hoopdedoodle - did you see the powered version which the US navy built in the 1980s?

They clearly copied my idea many years before I had it;)

I am revisiting my initial intentions for ZBF - a considerable part of the initial concept had to be tempered because of the unavailability of technology - and I built the “buildable” version.
initial sketch - which showed the rudder fitted to a VHE, but not the dynamic roll control

The initial concept included a rudder built onto the hull (remaining well below the surface) and dynamic stability in roll (a form of resisting couple).
I also looked at buoyant sails (helium filled) and intelligent assistance from Darcy the pet cephalopod

So ZBF is still a burr under my saddle as well as scars on my soul resulting from the serious farce of having her accepted as a model yacht by the MYA pundits.

Maybe you should alter the characteristics of water to make it more acceptable to the boat. Or just fill your sailing pond with ale or beer, in case you fall in too; you won’t mind drowning so much :slight_smile:

I always wondered about the Navy boat; if it went backward, would it sink itself?

No, it would make a fast, submarine passage to the antipodes

Full astern, quartermaster!

Funny you should mention arranging the water to suit the boat - I had thought at length of selective aeration, etc to adjust the density/viscosity locally.


Be careful you don’t violate ISAF RRS rule 53 (SKIN FRICTION)

A boat shall not eject or release a substance, or
have specially textured surfaces that could improve the character of
the flow of water inside the boundary layer.

Or rule 42…