What was this hull designed for? 10R? AC?

Found this on ebay:


What is it?

Regards, mcg

dunno, but quite nice looking

hi the hull is too big for marblehead 50" but may be made into a 10 rater using these rules The 10R rules basically Lwl X Sail Area, Divided By 7500 = 10 or less.

That’s an awful lot of beam for a 10-rater, and it’s small for an A Boat. I think it’s somebody’s “fun boat.”



I’d doubt she was designed to an RC sailing boat rule at all. She looks like a semi-scale version of a largish IOR racer of about mid '80s vintage. Just my 2 cents.


[:-thumbd]… Be careful - as it appears to be (perhaps) Kevlar, (not glass over wood - too transparent and awfully heavy weight fabric used - coarse fabric weave).

[:-thumbd][:-thumbd]… Another issue is that “someone” looks to have changed their mind regarding both rudder and keel-bolt location holes.

If you are looking for a mantle decoration, go for it - if looking for something to sail/race, I would keep looking.

[personal opinion, of course]

Hi Dick,

Sharp-eyed observation. The keel drillings are especially intriguing. My thought is, a canting keel, more or less in the spirit of an Indy Car that only turns Left.

I notice the boat is in California. They race some in some classes are not commonplace, e.g., the Wheeler and the Santa Barbara. Maybe it was intended for one of those.

I do think the photos seem a little distorted, maybe shot at a wide angle.

Regards, Michael

My vote is an inch/foot home made model of a early Whitbread 60. The shape is similar to the Whitbreads of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I have a CF sailing version of the tank test model commissioned by USSailing and built by Chuck Black in the early 90’s, pretty damn close.

Hi Gang, G’day Earl. I think your right Earl . This boat is not new it is old made to look new. it is a old design and has been pushed and pulled it is worth about ONE DOLLAR AUD and I would consider I was doing them a favour by taking it. This boat will be full of troubles
it won’t balance and it won’t sail.Because a couple of people have already tried. If you think I’m wrong , then make a bit. Here is a good candidate for the AXE. Thanks for the CD Earl. What is your T shirt size?