What to do in Dallas?

I will be heading to Dallas for a month long business trip this Sunday, and since I don?t want to spend all of my free time sitting in my hotel room, I will be looking for some stuff to do.

Any recommendations?

I was thinking of contacting some local clubs, and see if any are having a regatta. If so maybe someone will let me borrow a boat.

hmmm…google might help [;)]


and send me a post card


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e-mail Rob Davis, long time Dallas resident, IOM class big shot; Rob can put you in touch with any r/c sailing. Plus he flies r/c copters, always fun to watch.

There are 2 large regattas coming up in March… don’t know how long you are going to be there into March… but the Texas BLOWOUT for IOM’s will be the 12-13th and the White Rock Cup will be the following weekend 19-20.

Both events are being held on White Rock lake at the Corinthian Sailing Club and will offer excellent racing and will be well attended.

They are hosted by 2 local clubs (Trinity River # 10, and Les Lacs #22

The Vic regatta is limited to 30 and just opened a couple of days ago. Bring you “B” and “C” rig for the winds screaming in off the plains.[}}:-|>>]


Larry thanks for the info, I will contact the clubs. I will be coming home before the regattas, but maybe I will be able to make it out for a fun sail or something.

I will be there for the regatta. Anyone want share room and van. Have already booked at Fairfield - Park Central.