What to build next?

As my F100 project is nearing completion, I starting to look at another project, something in the vintage range, leave all this high tech stuff alone and back to wood and “West System” (grin)

  1. A “J” Boat
  2. A schooner or something similiar

The J boat looks a good bet because of their magestic looks.

Comments appreciated

I was just looking to build a J boat as my next project and found out that there maybe/are no hull manufacturers. (yet) Larry Ludwig may be popping out some hulls eventually and he has plans to do four different models of J-boats. George Riberio used to make them but his website no longer lists the J-boat. You’ll have to contact them both and see what they say. Just be aware that J-boats are HUGE!! Between 95" - 100" LOA!! You almost need a boat trailer!!

Victor Products sells a schooner called the Mary J that looks pretty good and not as labor intensive as a J-boat.

I think labor intensity is what scale is all about and there is no rule that I am aware of that says a J has to be huge. I’ve just started on a 45" model of the “Cicely”, a William Fife schooner that was posted on the “Scale Sail” thread. It is going to be a real learning experience. So far the idea is to use red cedar planking and a yellow cedar planked deck. Finding pictures of any detail is proving to be difficult. There is little or nothing on the web that I can find. If anyone knows anything of this boat(ship?) please let me know.

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There are manufacturers of J hulls.
Go to this site http://www.deltamyc.com/boat%20building.htm from Rick West. Make sure you go to all of the links on the left side of the page. I think you will find it very interesting indeed.
DB yachts make the best J hull around at this time.

Thanks Greg for the link.

What a great site, its got me very interested in a J Boat.

Do you have an email address for DB Yachts?

Yes we are indeed plodding down that road of plugs and molds x4. In fact I was on the phone today with John Hanks talking about Enterprise and Whirlwind… I guess if we are going to be stupid, we might as well be stupid all the way. Rainbow, Ranger, Endeavor II and Shamrock V are all in the spotlight at the moment… but we are considering adding those two as well. With so much going on in so many different directions at the moment, it will be sometime before time and money are committed on those two but it could happen. It’s a long process, and one that has to be done correctly as the subsequent boats can’t turn out better than the molds they come from, and we certainly want the best out there floating around. I am truly hoping to see this class grow significantly in the next year.


Build a scaled version of the 12-metre Mariner. This Britt Chanche design needs more investigation.
Early reports blamed the strange behavior of the boat on the “square” looking bustle. However,later studies of the design have shown the center of gravity being to high.

I found this:

DB Yachts
102 Preakness Drive
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

But the EC12 page that I found this stated that they are not in production at this time (6-12-04).

Yikes! Did you see how much the keel weights? 58 lbs!! If I build this boat, I’m definately converting a motorcycle trailer to carry this boat!!

Balast is removable in these boats I believe

OK guys it going to be a J Class boat.
Just need to work out which one.

Its down to 2, the 1937 AC boats, Ranger US5 or Endeavour 2 UK5 (details and information of Ranger are more readly available). So it could be Ranger but I should be patroitic and built the Endeavour. (Bloody pom - 54 years ago)

I have been searching the web for details for Endeavour 2 without any luck, does anyone have any information.

Rene Serrao in Nova Scotia Canada, has hull drawings (1:16 scale)for the J boats except for Velsheda.
And deck and rigging drawings (1 :16 scale) for Endeavour, Rainbow, Shamrock V, Whirlwind and Ranger.


I have to believe there is info on Endeavor out there. The real boat is still sailing and was recently (10 years ago or so, I think) rescued from a graveyard and fully restored. With the boat getting that much attention in the recent past, i have to believe there is some good into out there on her. Heck, I even have a scale model of her sitting on my mantle…

I would go for Endeavor if I were you. All accounts were that she was the faster boat in that cup series anyway and was simply outsailed by a superior American crew.

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Will Gorgen


The information about is on Endeavour 1 K4 (1934) not Endeavour 2 K5 (1937).

The second Endeavour K5 was faster than Ranger.

Yes Endeavor K-4 is alive and well and can be chartered. My buddy here in town skippered the boat for a day a few years back. He brought me a brochere from the boat. (I can’t afford the brochere much less the ride) I wish we had the molds already to go, but it is going to take some time to get through them. There is information available, Mystic Seaport has a museum that I think has some material, and there are a couple of books out there. WOW… public library… heheheh how times change!