What Palm Apps do you have?

I am interested in seeing if there are any sailing-oriented applications for the Palm Brand PDAs. The only thing I can think of so far is for scoring.

thx & merry Christmas to all.

working on a phone app for scoring. Sprint services right now.

here did you learn to code for PDAs? Can you suggest a good book or something? I’m doing (teaching) VB and VC++ right now.

“Phone App”???

Most of my experience with PDA apps are made using CF .Net 1.1 or 2.0. Using Microsofts Visual Studio 2003 or 05 Team Suite. (C#)

I think last I looked you could use C++ but you had to use a lot of the embedded tools. Hmm. Unfortunately I can’t think of any really good books. Mostly just internet resources like microsoft msdn. OpenNetCF has some good free components for PDA development.

You could probably whip up an app pretty easily. Just drag and drop a couple of input fields and just use the SQL server on the device to keep track of times and scores.

Yeah phone app using WAP.

I’ll go look into it.