what next

I have been sailing a Vic for the last two years,
It has Vision sails and rig and has been allot of
fun to sail.
It appears that the class is not active here in
Minneapolis MN.
So far I have only sailed this boat on my own,
just for my own amusement.
What classes are other Minnesotans building
and where do they sail?

I will try to attach pics of My “Plane White V”

I’ve built 4 RG65’s for family members and myself. My hope is to introduce them to the local club that sails in Edina/Roseville area at the mall off France Blvd. The Laser and the Fairwind are both sailed as are some ODOM boats. I know a couple of US1Meters and I’ve seen a Marblehead or two.

May want to email Tony Johnson for more info on classes, schedules, etc. PM me off line and I will forward your email address to Tony for a reply.


I did some research into those classes. The rg65 looks interesting , But there are no kits that I could find in the US.
Scratchbuilding a hull and fitting it out would be doable.
However when I tried to see if the parts I needed were in stock at Midwest Model Yachting It appears they are not in shipping
The Micro Magic looks kind of fun, is there any sailing at EMYC?


None that I am aware of.

What “parts” are you looking for if you built the RG-65? While Midwest (seems) to be out of business, many items are available for various parts from other suppliers. It just might mean there is no one-stop-shopping.

Balsa - Local hobby shops, Michaels, JoAnne Fabrics
WEST Epoxy - West Marine or Hooper’s Yachts
Carbon tubes for spars - Wal-Mart (arrow shafts) or Kite Studio or Hang-em-high kite shop
Material for sails - kite stores (see above)
Radio Gear - hobby shops, Tower Hobbies or on-line (Hobby King) - go with 2.4 mHz radios
Servos - Tower Hobby, Servo City and others
Lead bulb - Cabella’s Sports Shops (fishing)
Basswood - see balsa above
Brass - local ACE Hardware
Aluminum - Same - Ace Hardware
Steering arm - (DuBro) via Tower Hobby
Gooseneck - Tower Hobby - steering parts from local hobby shop normally for r/c trucks/cars
Stainless rigging - wire and crimps - Fleet Farm sports section (fishing)
Paint, varnish, 5 minute epoxy, CA glue - Wal Mart
Screw eyes, screws, bolts, nuts misc - Hardware
Line - Fishing Spectra - or Mason’s line (Menards) if you want something heavier than Spectra

Not sure what else off the top of my head - but this would get you most of the stuff needed for an RG-65

Good luck


Dick, a crucial item that is really hard to find nowadays is the simple bowsie. I ended up having to make mine from paper clips.

Some plastic styrene strips of appropriate thickness and drill some holes, a regular (or mini) shirt button using 3 of 4 holes, or a piece of styrene or nylon tube and again drill 3 holes and run the line and tie off. I’ve (more or less) selected the tube idea since it gives my fat fingers something to grip whereas the others are pretty flat and adjusting takes a bit more patience. Not “high-tech” but they all work fine. I’ve even used some thin-sliced walnut with three holes drilled and they look great - especially on a boat that is clear finished wood.

Photo attached is of the plastic tube concept on my son-in-law’s RG forestay halyard.

Roger Stollery includes a simple, light weight, wire bowsie design on his BUG3 plans that works great and is easy to make, no drilling involved. All thats required is some stainless wire and a pair of jeweler’s pliers.

For small fastenings, tubing, stainless wire and rods, and tools, and some exotic plastics, look at the Small Parts website and whip out your credit card. Try to set a budget first though, they offer so much great stuff that unless you stick to just what you need you may have to take out a second mortgage.

Hi Kurt, Go to the RC Sails.com site. They have everything you need to build a competitive RG65. They have hulls, keels,
bulbs. Rudders. Mast and booms and sails. Hope this helps

Thanks to all of you for the info.
I would really like to cook up a rg65 as a winter project. And your’e information is appreciated.
I don’t have as much free time to work on things as I would like, my job has me working 50 to 60 hours
a week. I guess I should not complain.
Norman2, have you ordered from RC Sails.com, and what did you think of their products?
Dick, do you sail with EMYC?


Happy holidays to all at rcsailing.net

Kurt - no I don’t. At the time I started looking at them - I was very deep into multihulls - 1 meter and the 1.2 meter size. I got hooked on the RG65 class and began promoting it as a US “wannabe” class. SOme past issues with AMYA made me decide to drop my AMYA membership, which in turn forced me to drop my secretary/registrar’s duties for the RG65 COA. While away from AMYA I began to build the 4 RG’s noted for family memebrs, and plan was to visit next summer during one of their “open” regattas and introduce the RG sized boats. At the same time I began building an RG sized multihull that has been an on/off again project.

We’ve been sailing in Farmington as a “learn-to-sail” for some of my family and son and grandson also sail over in River Falls Wisconsin.

Perhaps after January we can make some summer plans to get together for some “fun” sailing if you aren’t too far away?

In the meantime - Merry Christmas.

I will add that the guy (Siri) from RC Sails has puleed together a batch of designs and kits. He has a couple of the 65cm multihulls sailing here in US and a couple of the big 1/2 meter boats outside the US. You can search on this site for some of his posts and examples as he had been pretty active during development. Also, Brian Sims is just getting ready to market a laser cut "kit’ that looks to be promising and at $150 is it a heck of a good price for starting out. Doesn’t include radio gear. He is out of the Lousiville area - see classified on this forum for some info on what is in the kit.

I shot an Email to brian, I have purchased from him before for my Vic rig.
Can’t say enough about the quality of his work.
So I hope I can put one of these together over the long winter months.
The water is hard, and there is too much snow to think about ice-boating!


Ordered a kit from Brian the other day, so it should be shipping soon.
I’ll take pictures of the build as I go, but cant promise the same
level of craftsmanship as others here.


Just got an E-mail from Brian that the kit will be in the mail tomorrow,
I would like to start a build thread for this boat, and will invite any input
from other members here.
My intention is to put this together and not make it a “modifying thing”
sort of build.
I will start a new thread on the rg65 area when I have a few pic’s to