What job do you do?

I dont know if its been covered before but I was just wondering what kind of jobs everyone has.

I’ll start. I work as a draftsman in the marine industry. Im qualified as a Naval Architect but always say Im a boat designer (there is a difference!). Ive worked on various craft from barges & dinghies to wave piercing catamarans to AC boats and most stuff in between. I guess its easy to see why i like playing with Rc boats huh?

So what do you guys all do?


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I’m a boat builder. I work mainly on 36 foot powercats, but the concepts are the same the materials are just lighter.


I work as a farmacist in an University hospital, but in all my spare time I try to be on the water. My grandfather is a boat designer, and I think his love for boats has infected me a little bit…


apprentice boat builder/ ship wright

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I’m a boat builder, designer and inventor. For the last 20 years I have had my own design and prototype building company. In the early days I worked for a large boat building company doing every job under the sun from glass work to assembly ,electrical work and design-I started at the bottom an worked up to vice president.And then to president of my own company… I’ve designed and built a number of full size boats from a 66’power cat to a 14’ trimaran with many, mostly sailboats in between.My most recent designs include a 16’ hydrofoil and 18’ canting keelboat.
My US letters patents include a catamaran windsurfer, video piloted helicopter ,spinnaker system and the kFOIL is pending.
I love sailing and have been sailing since the age of 6 racing in the Gulf Yacthing Association and in the Windmill Class where I was Southeastern District Champion.In rc sailing I was most recently (a couple years ago) ,second in the Florida State RC Laser Championship.
I’m extremely lucky that part of my job is to try to bring new technology to rc sailing which is challenging, interesting and loads of fun.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Fully qualified Boat builder/shipwright 8 years in the industry working on yachts of varying lengths 20 - 50 ft and about %5 of the time power boats (unfortunately… bloody stink boats!).
5 days a week with water views working on other peoples boats to get them sailing, looking out to sea at the ideal conditions got me into rc. it’s great fun to take your rc out for a spin on your lunch break not to mention extremely satisfying to know you designed,built and sailed it all on your own bat.
God bless he who came up with rc’s!

I am a mechnical engineer and am working at the university at the department of light weight construction and design, I am into sailing, windsurfing, icesailing and modell sailing


I was almost born into a ship, but…i’m Lawyer [:-vamp]. I spend my life sailing (optimist, vaurien, snipe…) and now i use to sail (not as often i’d like to) in a SWAN 44 [:)]


Wow some highly educated people here.

Ok grew up building Kayaks learned how to do this from my father. Built sailboats in bottles for a few years. Did copies of friends sailboats and then gave the bottled ships as presents to them.

working in law enforcement

I’m a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering (minor in Aerospace) at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri). Sailing has been the family sport, model boat building kind of the family side hobby and is one of my passions. I started building about six years ago and have a basement full of hulls (still working on the rigs, but a lot of it has been learning curve). Model sailing is great for me because when one of my boats goes, it’s entirely the result of my effort. I like that:-P


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I can see that by being in such exalted company I am quickly going to achieve my sign-off message.
I am a courier driver[:-slug] in Sydney and spend most of my day (14hrs) navigating my way around amongst some of the worst sailors in the world.[:-censored]I am expert in avoiding starboard collisions.[:-censored][:-censored]I also spend a lot of time keeping out of the way of other sailors making attempts on the world land speed records,both mono and multi-hulls-(twin and triple).
My only other sailing experience was as a youth on a VJ and in an 18ft ships cutter.The remainder of my knowledge has come from reading the contributions to this forum as you will all have probably guessed by now after reading some of mine.[:I][:I]
Having just about got all of my 5 kids [-crzwom][-crzwom][-crzwom][:-headphones][-crzwom] out of my hair [:-headache] I now find a bit of spare time for myself (and a bit of spare cash in the [:-piggy] bank) so this sport seems an ideal way for me to wind down at the end of the week.


I’ve learned, That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am.
(what am I doing here?)lol

[:-bonc01]I have just noticed that I have now been promoted to shipmate.Let me warn you,my new lifetime ambition is to reach rear admiral.[:-pirate]

I’m a systems analyst. I discuss with customers about their requirements and then our company builds custom software to cover their needs.

I’ve been sailing and racing all my life; Dauphin, Vaurien, 470, 620, B2, One design Beneteau’s, the occasional Grassy …


I am an out of work airline pilot. 9-11 wiped out the airline industry here in the USA and about 16,000 former airline pilots are out of work. I am caught in the doldrums of being 48 which is young enough to still have 12 years left to fly, but too old to get hired on when things do pick up once more. SO, I go to my second love which is sailing. I purchased the molds from REYNOLDS MANUFACTURING back in 1981 and have produced hulls in small numbers as time permitted. I am fortunate to have sailed all over the world because of the previous career. I have one EC-12 that has sailed on 4 different continents. I have just completed construction on a small shop that is dedicated to frp model production as I am building gliders and helicopters as well. So now we see what can be done to produce some high quality models at reasonable prices and jump start the R/C model sailboat situation.


You poor bastard! 14 hours of city traffic!

I hate the city (travel from Cronulla to North Sydney each day)

Thank God for the Eastern Distributor!!!


19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics

I was a Mechanical Engineer in the Food Industry, here in the UK, I am now Retired—and loving it !!!.


I am a Mechanical Designer, started my working life as a fitter & turner apprenticeship in 1967
where I spend half the time in the drawing office doing mechanical design of Special purpose machinery & industrial pipework for one the biggest enginnering companys in NZ.
In 1973 I started as a contract draughtmen and been self employed ever since.
In the 1975 - 1983 worked on meat freezing industry projects.
1983 had my enginnering business making scissor lifts & conveyors, sold 3 years later.
1986 - 1991 worked on industrial pipework projects.
1992 - 1998 worked on dairy powder process piping projects.
1998 onwards working in the Food processing industrial such as, relocation of a hydrostatic cooker from Porta Rica to the Hawkes Bay. 6 can labelling and packing lines, relocation of a meal line from Massillon Ohio to Hawkes Bay.

I have 3 sons, the first is a BE mech degree and has been working in UK for 3 years but presently sailing on 38 footer in the Rally of Portugal, tuff life.
2nd son is sailmaker/proffessional sailor, sailed on SEB last Volvo, presently doing the Volvo Baltic series with Matt Humphies/Ross Feild.
3rd son started working as an architecture draughtman for a year.

I might be getting a pre apprenticeship in boat building up in Queensland, it’ll take 14 weeks from February, then hopefully I’ll get a boat building apprenticeship

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