What is the biggest difference (IOM and a US1M)

Just wonder???

What is the big difference between the US1M and a IOM hull??

I was thinking a person could use a US1M pattern and build a IOM but someone told me I cannot do this. But had no explaination as to why I couldn’t.

I heard there was a chart for quick reference showing the difference in the sailboats but cannot find it online


draft,weight,keel length among others

The only thing that a USOM and a IOM have in common is the length, well that and being RC sailboats.
The main problem in converting a USOM into an IOM is the weight limit. A ready to sail IOM has to weight 4kg minimum (a bit more than 8 pounds), a ready to sail USOM between 5.5-6.5 pounds? By bringing the USOM up to weight you would make it sail way below the intended waterline, slowing the boat down.
It?s much easier converting an IOM into a heavy USOM.


aside from the hull material