What is a good hull for me?

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and we have light winds most of the time.I can’t find a club nearby at the moment so it’s only going to be my brother-in-law and myself having fun against each other. I am also keen on a scratch build as I’m thoroughly enjoying my botched attempts so far.

I was planning on building a racing sparrow 750 from the book as a first serious attempt - but it’s looking like it will be quite a heavy boat (5mm balsa bulkheads etc) which I can’t imagine will lend itself to light breezes. Anyone had experience with one? Could someone suggest a good lightwind hull altenative to attempt with fairly complete plans? I got the impression that the Laerke is a good light wind hull, is that correct? And is an RG65 the best choice to start with? The size is perfect but I was wondering if an IOM (It’ll be slow I know) would be a better call as sails and sundries seem a little more available to order as that’s one area that I don’t think I’ll ever excell at.

Any opinions on which way to go will be really appreciated.


One of the narrow RG 65’s would be a good choice if you want to build. The Ranger RG seems to work well in light airs.

Thanks, I’ll hunt for plans :slight_smile:

silly question (seems like all of them are) - what’s the definition of a narrow hull? ie what’s a good beam to be looking at?

Narrow for an RG65 is in the 100 to 125mm range. I think the ranges is around 90. I know Bill posted the files to build one. http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/showthread.php?6027-RG65-Cobra5-Patterns&highlight=ranger this is the thread with the hull plans.

Hi there
If you need a jump start like me I’m doing these Round Ranger hulls and decks in styrene.
Yahoo groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RG65SailboatsUS/message/2240
I already have sent one to south Africa. maybe you are near him.
You can PM to me for more info if you like.
Thanks Craig