What Class Do You Sail

Out of interest I would like to see what classes of boats people who frequent here mainly sail.

Shouldn’t there be checkboxes, so you can pick two? I sail odom & footy both.

I sail 2 class’s Santa Barbara (2 boats) & Soling 1M (3 boats)

IOM, Seawind, MicroMagic

MicroMagic & Fortune 612

ODOM now and looking for an IOM

I sail Seawind, Victor Cup Class, and a Tamiya Yamaha

:mouse: :nuts: IOM, AC15, EC12, Footy, Experimental, :skull: :timebomb2

we who sail Nautic 12,s are humble we do not mind the title other i also own but not sail the other twelve any buyers ?:hammer: :rasta:

I don’t know many skippers that sail only one class. Most… atleast 90% sail 2, probably 45% sail 3, and here locally about 20% sail 4 + classes.

Hi all
Ye sI wish there was mmore than one check box availbakle. Unfortunately when I created this I didn’t know only one could be ticked. Bugger as I also sail the EC12 more than the IOM.

Oh well this will givea as an idea of the more popular class I hope.

I currently sail IOM, M and EC12 regularly. This poll allowing only one selection cannot reflect accurately the classes sailed

Currently sailing Nirvana as it is inexpensive for friends to become interested in RC sailing. Starting to build a Soling one meter to get some experience before building a IOM Triple Crown.