what battery do use with your RMG 280

as for now I use a 5 cells batt 1200mah…


any opinions?

Wis, most of the people I sail with have as a minmum 2000 Ma 5 cell, charged.

RMG says in their book what to use for batteries.

I’ve read it, but wanted to know what people were using…

I was very surprised with my “short” sailing period!!! Battery was dead after 1,5 hours…still used to my Seawind…hourS of sailing!

Another thing you should consider is where and how your sheet ropes pass through your fittings on the boat. If they are ball-raced for instance you will get better performance and better battery performance as well. You might look at (if your battery is new) to recycle it some more before you sail again.


I am using 1100 mAhr 4 cell Nicad pack with my Cockatoo. I find that in a normal sailing day of say 3 hrs on the water I use around 350 - 400 mAhr. I always fully discharge the pack before recharging and have never had a problem … touch wood.

hmm sounds about normal…will try with an other battery…and the one I used before will be cycled a few times.