What about kits? Info for newbies, y'know?

And if ya do one, at least for newbies, try to keep away form racing mods, in my opinion. Nothing’ll scare away a newbie faster than “throw away everything but the hull, buy some carbon fiber rod”…

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

Have to agree with you here.
Have looked at a number of new boats and web sites related to them. And it scares the heck out of me when I read at different web sites about scraping everything but the hull. Makes me wonder why sell the complete kit if all you need is the hull.

I don’t mind when there are improvements offered to the hull or better parts.

I am guessing that many are caught up in the need for speed and to win. Thus you see the sites saying scrape everything but the hull.


I agree… for a newbie, a boat that–once you read the instructions and put it all together as dictated–sails pretty well is the best option.

The only exception I would make would be the Victoria, because the kit is so low cost to start with that at least you’re still talking well under $400 for a well-fitted boat.

Oh… a boat with a good class association helps too… then if you get to intimidated by the building process, you can always ask someone in the class for some tips!


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Agreed, more or less. My starting thought was that, for a rank beginner, deviating from the instructions even a little bit can be emotionally challenging. Thr best modeller I know (Norm) has been building C/L and R/C planes and power boats since the dawn of time, basically. He started sailing with us 2 years ago and being Norm, started buying and building kits. He started bone stock, but looked at the nuts and bolts of ours - then started gutting his boats and modifying/simplifying them. His latest boat, a Nirvana came to the pond fully modified with a gutted hull, (2 crossbeams in place of the moded radio tray) a carbon fiber rig and the cutest little JR digital servo you ever saw being used as a winch. The boat’s way quick and fun. So his boating skills matured, if you will, to match his airplane skills. But when he started, he was paranoid about mods, even with his existing skills.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

well i know this has already been disscussed but why doesn’t someone produce say… 5-6 fiberglass hulls, with aluminum rigs (preferably not set up the way thunder tiger did the victoria rig), a standar rudder servo, digital winch/arm servo, sails, sell it as a complete kit for $500 or without radio for $300, that will still make a profit and be a good sailing boat. the prices might seem low for a home built but i know that when i built my vic it didn’t cost more than 200 maybe 250 for all my parts plus the kit, so the prices might be a little off but u get the general idea, than if theres demand or interest u may be able to get victor or kyosho to mold the hulls or sumthing… i’m ranting

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

Building kits (or even short kits) is incredibly labor-intensive. It’s way hard to make money doing this. I’ve got a buddy with all the necessary skills and equipment - we’ve discussed this many times. It’s pretty much a losing proposition. By the way - at your price range (sub-$500) there’s a bunch of boats out there. Take a Vic, for instance, one of the aftermarket rig and sail kits, and you’re still under $500 with a competitive boat!

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

Hi Just been reading through the threads for newbies. I totally agree. I remember when I frist decided I wanted a rc yachting. which one to buy, how hard are they to make where to buy the list kept growing.Simple was looking really good.

A few guys have touch on some good points.
My frist boat was a Victoria. Mainly because of price point.Nice and simple I did it over the weekend step by step all stress free. the guys at the store told me no lies and I got what I paid for. I think that kits are build at price point, they arent too concerned about quailty of rigging or hull design I guess that is why there are so many different design on the market
Having said that you basically always get what u pay for.
My Victoria cost me $249au and I had to buy a radio set for 100 or there about.
Was it worth it YES!! I got my more than my moneies worth out of it, In fact I still have her.
I remember after sailing her a few times I came home went surfing on the Net and looked for Mods go fast parts and alike. and as any victria owners knows there are heaps of things u can do and heaps of sites can find offering help and tips.
Express you hit the nail on the head when u said “well I know this has already been disscussed but why doesn’t someone produce say…” after surfing the net and researching that is excalty what I said to myself. and So I did. I used the Victoria, upgraded the sails add a radio set,the servo that comes with the radio set work fine if u just reduce the fricton on the sheets , no nedd to spend $$ on a upraged servo that people like to use,In Melbourne, Australia we have sold many of these one design kits.
We sail at a local lake and have good turn outs of victorias. The fleet is bigger than the IOM’s, IT’s sad that the ARYA doesnt reconise it as a Class like in USA and CANADA. Oh well maybe one day…
Before you delete this thread No I am not try to sell u a Victoria. What I am saying it can be done and so I still am asking the question to manufactures if I can do it why cant they ???
In closing I would like to say Fristly all profits go to a charity I support and secondly if it wasnt for Kits boats I wouldnt of got the bug and moved up to a International One metre Class I mainly moved up becuase of the competition was there, i.e state, National World titles
Thanks for your time

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