Welland Canal

Here are some Pictures Coming from RCYC to GRSC.

From Right to Left:

Picture of one of the Welland Canel Locks Gate and waiting to fill;
Next Picture is when we caught up to the freighter/tanker in front of us and waiting until he moves out of the next gate;
Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Club house);
Downwind leg of J105 North Americans;
Last Picture is what it looks like after the lock is filled and the gate is opened.

holy !!
These doors are HUGE…nothing to compare with the one we have on the old continent!!

I could be wrong here, but if RCYC is the royal canadian Yacht Club in Toronto. . . where I used to race on a regular basis and the GRYC is the Grand River Yacht Club in Ohio, then that canal is actually the Welland Canal.

None the less. . . VERY impressive set of locks in there. Especially when a maximum beam tanker is in one of them


Oh… good catch :slight_smile: you are correct.

Yeah Royal Canadian Yacht Club. (Now theres a club / club house). No more knee high socks anymore though.