Welcome to the Scale Sailing Section.

Post your Comments, Photo’s, Questions and Ideas here, about Scale Sailing.

John, aka JayDee.


Nice to see a scale section here, but can you define Scale Sailing, does it include modern scale like Open 60’s or only the more historic type of models.


Hello Richard,

In my book. if it has sails AND is scale, or near scale, that would do !!.
I agree with you that most of the scale sail around IS of the more historic
boats, but the Modern ones would be just as interesting to build and sail.
Have a look at these boats !!



I would think that some of the more “extreme” boats would be just as hard to build and sail as the historic ones.
Let us know what you have plans to build !.


Thanks for putting a scale sail area up!! I remember the “old” scale sail site and man there was a lot of great information been passed around by the posters.

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