Welcome All to the new Forums Section

First I would like to welcome you all to rcsailing.net’s new forum section. This new forum will hopefully be able to hold more discussions and operate a lot smoother. The forum also has many new features that are pretty cool. To take advantage of all of them you might want to take a look at the FAQ section.

I hope this is a welcomed change for you veterns out there who have been with rcsailing.net for many years and hope for more shared years to come.

[li] These rules can change at anytime without notice and are at my discretion.
[/li][li]NO PERsonal ATTAcks!
[/li][li]Constructive Criticism when/if necessary…Please[/list]
If there is a personal attack or harassing/flaming towards you (or that you see) please contact the moderator by clicking on the Alert Moderator Icon on the bottom left of the screen (looks like this .

By hitting this you will be able to log your problem to be resolved so that proper actions maybe taken. (please do not flame back or get involved)

If caught flaming you will receive a warning through the PM system. If you continue to flame your posting priviliges will be removed for a minimum of 3 days. If required further actions maybe necessary. (this system may also be used towards personal attacks but remains discretionary) [:-pirate]

Like the new format…keep up the good work. It’s greatly appreciated.


Thanks Chad,

Looks Great!!! Very Easy to use!!!


Chad, so far this is nothing short of great! I certainly welcome the rules against personal attacks and hope that system leads to truly great ,informative and interesting discussions-I’m certain that it will.Congratulations, Doug

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

thank you for letting the discusion with Ernst be posted here. It was deleted elsewhere

Chad I like the new rules. and the web site has offerd most of new ideas into the sail froum . keep up the good work
cheer to the adrmiral

Chad , what’s flame or flaming? and who or what is Ernst?

well dont attack anyone in a post…as for Ernst, we mods take care of him[;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _