Weed Problems

Been down to the local lake for some relaxing sailing. Lots of floating ribbon and grass weed that kept getting tangled in the keel & rudder.

Got so annoyed went home & groved a slot in an old keel and rudder and epoxyed in an old scraper blade.

No more weed problems. Stopped and bobbed for a few meters and I was away again. Didn’t have to keep bringing in the boat to clean off the weed.

Hopefully I’ll chop it up enough and it’ll die off, at least below keel level anyway enough so it can’t tangle around the boat.

Not for the faint hearted though. Got to remember the sharp edges.


John :zbeer:

do you have any pictures of your cutting edge invention?
(pun intended)

Sorry no. just mucking about in the tool shed. Simple Dremel routed strip 1mm about 50mm down keel from hull. slotted and epoxy in the scraper blade (slightly sharpened) same for rudder and away it went.

NOt a nice piece of work but it was reasonably effective.

I’ll see what I can do in the coming days. Digital isn’t my preferred medium. Still on Medium Format for my Camera Gear.