Wee Nip

Could someone tell me if the have built a wee nip and what it is like to sail. I saw one on a website and thought it would be a good one to build with my son, so he can play with at the pond when I sail my IOM.

i did build 2 wee nips,for friends. only sailed them once , and that was just to see if it would hold water, sail foreward, in other words just a shakedown cruise. I for one. would build one if it was a father son thing. and just to play with . in a shelter area. BUT this is just me. I would ask. how old is your son? and are you going to be building right next to each other. Because if this was the case. i would suggest going to build a us 1 meter. you would have alot of surport. and they are cheap to build. you can download the plans. they are easy to sail. and you dont realy have to worry about selther/ I have driven my us 1 meter. into the middle on lake ontario. I dont think i would do that with wee nip
either way . congrats on getting into the hobby. and anything i can do to help . just ask. you can email me if you want

Thanks cougar
I actually built a iom triple crown last winter, balsa core, and fiber glass, that was to be a father son think but ended up being a little technical for him. He will be six in February, so I thought the wee nip would be a better build. We would sail in a sheltered little pond. Out in Calgary we do not have as big a lake as you have there. Were did you get the plans? I did down load plans but I have to have them enlarged to full size but they do not have a 1 to 1 scale to get the right size?

you should contact jeff( the alberta clipper). he sails out of the medicene hat. what i did for wee nip was to copy them from the download. then i took them to a kinkos. then just blew them up. my computer at that piont was not too good. so this was the only way i could do it. i am right now helping some grade schools making their own boats, so I know wee nip will be done. most of the kids are making them are from grade 2 and up.
good luck
p.s. what are you using for sails?

Thanks again cougar
I will probably us rip stop nylon for the sails, you can pick it up at fabrc stores cheep. For my triple crown I used old windsurfing sails (to heavy for A rig) now I made some sails out of clear drafting film, I got it from our work IT person, they were replacing our computer screens with new IBM and they had a thin monofilm covering the screens. I used double sided tape to stick together and sticky dacron to re enforce the corners which I had put stainless rings on. the are not class legal a they have more panels they are permitted. I do not race so it does not matter. When you went to kinkos was it trail and error to the scale, the only measurments are for the transom, is that what you go off of?

I have built 8 of them - just the right size at 700 mm - no derigging to transport in the car. We use 1.0mm kitchen laminate - ‘formica’ instead of ply and the result needs no painting. On a small chine boat formica works well.

We sail with people from a retirement villiage - east coast of Oz. Now have about 30 boats at any interclub.

Also have a grandad who built two for the kids - worked well however he now sails one with us - kids seem to loose interest if they cannot compete. We sail when they are at school.

For sails we use ‘florists wrapping’. 50 cents a sheet - 25 micron mylar and as tough as all out. There are many colours and the fleet rigged out in coloured sails makes finding your boat in the fleet a breeze.

regards Peteski

Well after a bit of a struggle, I have got my hull together it’s not as easy as it looks in the MMI Wee Nip Dvd … I hate bending lite ply…

The first thing that threw me was the amount of curvature that is induced across the deck, when you pull the bottom of the sides in, to fit the the hull bottom, but I looked at the footage on the Dvd and it seem to be normal…

I am using a 8mm carbon tube for a mast…How much clearance does there have to be in order for the mast to swing properly? The mast has several holes to adjust it’s position… Realistically which ones are used, and does the mast have to be vertical? Am I going to have to enlarge the holes at the base the mast so it can be angled back?