Weblink To Here Is Gone !

While I have no way to confirm why - I did ask, it appears that the recently elected Board of Directors for AMYA have decided to remove the links on the AMYA website to this forum (R/C SAILING) and also to the WINDPOWER forum.

Thus - if you visit AMYA’s website, you will no longer be able to find a link here or to the other forum.

One must wonder if it’s in retaliation and these sites are now considered as “enemies of the association” ? WindPower has provided “unofficial” AMYA topics of discussion where your real name and AMYA membership number is required to post. Seems odd that comments from members must use a third party site to discuss and debate proposed changes and direction of AMYA. Wonder why AMYA doesn’t have it’s own place to ask questions or post suggestions (by MEMBERS)?

If this wasn’t a mistake - and done on purpose, it is one more reason to ask the leadership of AMYA why its rejected its responsibilities to paying members?

The “Annoying Drip”

Dick - looks like the AMYA site now has its own forum (as of this AM). That may 'splain something.

  • Matt

Sooooo - all our “bitchin” did a bit of good (maybe). Will have to see what they will/won’t allow - right? :wink:

What the heck…
After all that about linking back to each other. Geesh

And they removed the footy class link… NIce

Just a little bit of communication from them would be appreciated.
(holding back the ranting)

Chad - I feel your pain - I went through the reciprocal link business with Philip too. :rolleyes:

I’m having (I guess) a dialog with Mr. Buzek regarding links to both our sites, but I’m not sure it’s going anywhere. :-/

For some of us, the feeling might be mutual and one could “easily forget” the link to AMYA :rolleyes:

Once again - AMYA in it’s attempt to meet it’s goal of supporting ALL radio control sailing just demonstrates the vinidictiveness of it’s current Board. Ahhh yest - it’s all in the best interests of the users. “No competition with other forums” as a policy just adds to the self-viewed elitism of thought there… Kind of remnds me of a certain quote, by a certain General Haig …“All is well - I’m in complete control!” Yikes! :scared:

AMYA who ?

fwiw, they don’t link any yahoo group pages either, that I could find…Maybe its time to let the membership expire…But then I won’t be able to participate in regional or national events…Ahh, see they got us by the short curlies…