Web Sites?

[:-headache] I am about to commision the assembly of a small Website for my audio business. [:-hspin]
My question is what websites have you visited which made an impression on you as being the best you have seen?
I am looking for ideas to rip off and show my designer as examples of what I would like.
I am not interested in doing the build myself as everyone I have spoken to so far has said that the time involved for a beginner can be enormous and the result will still look what it is, an amatuer having a play.
If you have a favourite site please list it here and we can all visit and see the web at its best. [:-tophat][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_yeah.gif[/img][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_ok.gif[/img] [b]No RUDE ones please.[/b][:-censored]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.




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http://www.templatemonster.com have some good templates to look at.

there you go:


http://www.lotuscars.com (sorry, didnt notice Dan had it already…oh well)


and of course mine ROTFL (joking) [:)] [:D] [;)] [:p]

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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Well my bet is something that hasn’t got a million menu items in one column. I prefer to cluster menus within menus, about 5 max in each if possible. Predicated on the notion that the eye starts to “count” after about 4 items (scatter pebbles and count to test the theory).


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Wow, some of you guys have expensive tastes. [:-jump][:-jump] Nice stuff & websites!! Here’s my local offering: www.iceboat.org

Ian, are you punters using high speed or 56k? That is the question You must know. Lotus cars is for people who have broadband I suspect and a poor choice UNLESS al your customers have broadband.


Nick Lindsley
Australia 0418 727-727
Intl +61+418-727.727

I would second that !

Flash, animations, and high res graphics require a lot of speed/capacity so as Nick says - if you want to reach “everyone” stay with dial up modem speeds/capacities so everyone will have a chance - otherwise you will have lost a bunch of people who don’t have patience to let the web pages load up.

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