Waterproof box

I?m making a waterproof box for my SPEKTRUM DX6 receiver.
It?s 2.3 X 2.2 X .70 inches, and made of acrylic plastic.
I made 7 servo extensions 4 in. long so my connections would be outside the box.
I will seal the extensions and antennas with aquarium sealant.

i also build rc submarines. so i know alittle about waterproofing. you dont need to go out and buy the expesive sealant. what you just need is a subsatnce called goop. you can get it at any hardware store. i use marine good. but my friend who has a 60 lb typhoon uses plumbers goop. this is a tube that cost me $4.99. the reason i use goop. is that is bond to almost anysurface. and IF you ever need to get excess to the reciever. all you do is cut a small slice , into the goop. then peel a small corner , then you take long nose pliers and roll it all off. no residue and you get a clean surface agian. to redo it
my los angles wiegh only 10 lbs. and i have never got a drop of water in it. and i have dove the sub to over 30 feet.
hope this helps
btw. that does look good. just wonder why? you are going over kill with the wtc. i use a tuperware container in one of my boats

Not that I want to butt in, but the one problem with the Dx6 radio system is that the receiver is in a very light plastic case, very bendable. (Not that that’s a problem by any means, just different.) I’d be very reluctant to ‘goop’ that receiver, getting it off seems like it could be a problem with the light plastic case (tear it?). And since the Dx6 receiver is so small (1cm x 3cm x 3.5cm) a WTC certainly wouldn’t be very big, maybe the size of a ‘normal’ receiver, actually.

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PS - He stole that WTC idea from me! (and if you believe that, I got this bridge for sale…) PPS - Sorry MILLERTIME, couldn’t resist.

Give us more info on the Spektrum system…been drooling around it!

Not that i got any interferences problem…a bit of a “geek”…always need new toys…

(Butting in again)
The Spektrum Dx6 radio is a very nice one. All kinds of control ‘mixing’ is possible (depending on the channel), more range for a boat than I’ll ever need, and it ‘feels’ nice in my hands. I’ve been using a Futaba 4 channel radio till now and will keep using it, but the Spektrum really is a nice radio. Receiving antennas are only 3 or 4 inches long, and no trouble as long as you don’t get them (two of them) below the water line.

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(I don’t work for Spektrum. Wish I did, still have to pay full price.)

my actual radio is a Futaba 6 series with every gadget possible, PPM, PCM, 6 channel, dual rate blahblahblah…to make it short, a surface heli radio…and I use a max of 3 channels :party:

I read that there might be troubles with range caused by the water…though I believe in the system, I will wait a bit more…

Thanks for the tip

I plan on using a DX6 receiver in my Footy. What kind of plug do I need to purchase with my power pack for the reciever?

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PS - He stole that WTC idea from me! (and if you believe that, I got this bridge for sale…) PPS - Sorry MILLERTIME, couldn’t resist.[/QUOTE]

I just fell better with a WTB because the receiver is in a very light plastic case, very bendable. I’m going to use the radio for my tug and 2 sailboats.
The plugs are standard JR. You can use Futaba if you cut off the side tabs.

PS. for Doc
I did not, I stoled it from to the sub Boy’s
I’m wrighting a program to cut these box’s on a CNC mill.


…if I bow, scrape, appologize excesively, acknowledge your theft from someone else, and beg… can I have one of the CNC’ed boxes???

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Doc -

is that a pistol grip radio - or two stick?

I was ready to buy a 4 ch. land radio about $125.00, when I read a review on Spectrum?s DX6. $199.99.
?First off, the hardware quality is tops. The DX6?s sticks are precise and silky-smooth. Plus its ergonomics are as good as it gets. It boasts 3 programmable mixes, rates and expo for aileron and elevator, it?s loaded with programmable heli features ? including a flight mode switch and CCPM capability ? and it features memory for 10 models, plus fail-safe.?
It can be used for land or air.

Here are the Specifcations of DX6 Radio System .
6 Channel DSM Radio System
Band : 2.4Ghz
Servos : S75 Sub Micro - ( 4 Included!!)
Receiver : AR6000
Model Memory : 10 Model Memory

Hey Millertime!

Thanks for the “Head’s Up” on this one. A quick Google came up with some strange and interesting prices.

I did manage to beat the $199.99 price with one at $189.99 (free shipping) but going a bit further (and accepting pistol grip radios) I found 2 Channel (Dx2) running at $169 and 3 channel (Dx3) running at $220 - with receiver, but seldom with any servos. One was less - one was more - both were pistol style… except yours.

Given the 2 stick design which makes an easy converstion from crystal sets, and the included micro servos which may find a home someplace, the 2 stick radio that you listed certainly seems to be a best buy.

Range at 2000 to 3000 feet seems to be the norm, and if the park fliers can use it for planes and helis - I would suspect that the system should function just fine in a boat. Also noticed in one discussion forum where they recommend a vertical antenna for about an inch or so, and then go to horizontal if you want. Another made note the antenna could be shortened to around 2 inches to keep it inside body of car (but considering we usually sail at greater distances, I would hesitate to cut short).

So - looks like maybe the credit card might be pressed into action this weekend or next.

Thanks for the info.

The mini servos have many uses, with a mini servo and two push on, push off switches I can control two light circuits. With one servo and two momentary switches I can control a horn and water cannon. One mini servo and a double through double pole self centering toggle switch I can control a winch in & out.

Don M.

I was thinking (just thinking, mind you) - :sly: perhaps flap and camber controls for a solid wing?

Will have to look closer at their specs.

I’ve been using the DX6 in my ODOM for about a month now and love it. The RX is really tiny and I just velcro it to the port side under a deck patch with the two short antennas taped fore and aft under the hull.

AMYA Model Yachting ($25/yr. membership required - outrageous positive plug for the organization) Publication #142 and currently in the mail has a nice write up in it and also tips on setting up the radio. Now, electronics of most any sort is not my bag, so it is going to be interesting to see if I really understand the steps.

One thing of note, is the very low (small) current draw for the receiver.

Ernie -
seeing that you have a month or so on it, I have one question … do/did you “program” anything with the features available - and how is that done - or did you get it strictly for eliminating the problems of changing crystals at large events?


Your going to love this. I made a 1 inch servo extension for my waterproof box for my SPEKTRUM DX6 receiver. The extension is a block of 7 extensions glued together.