Wanted Sail Control Unit

Looking for a new sail control unit for my Newport 12, cant seem to find a vendor who sells them.


you are looking for a new winch?

RMG, Futaba, Hitech…plus many others out there…

Looking for a sail control unit like the existing one. But thanks anyways.

The problem is your picture doesn’t show much but a big honking servo arm…

It could be Dumas unit…


Found what I need ty.
Ozmun sail control unit.

Has anyone tryed this one “Hitec HSR-5990TG Digital Robot Servo” looks like a lot of torque!

Here is one in a Newport 12 Not sure how it works but it does look good.

That one has the gear box from servo city, “mega torque!”

Its a shame it has plastic gears… Although I guess its better to break a plastic gear than rip off the boom…:slight_smile: