WANTED..Footy Class webmaster

Chad has kindly made web space avalible for the Footy class.
Any takers for the glamerous job of building and maintaining this site?
Apply right here…

I have ordered a PipSqueak kit, I am fascinated by the concept of the Footy,and I enjoy the web as a resource for all.

Looking forward to the possibility that enough of us come forward with active (and registered) Footies to form a class in AMYA, I think we need a central resource. I know very little about building a good web-site (except that I know what I like, and what I don’t), and don’t even have a boat in this class (yet!).

Having said all that, I can devote some time and effort in the pursuit of a new class and an active Footy web-site.

Bruce Crichton / Interlachen, FL (“between the lakes”)

Ok Bruce!!
Your the man.
I will PM the details to you!

Thankyou, Bruce…I think I’ll name a boat after you even without the 3802!!

The web page should be a resource for Footy sailors worldwide, but I’d like to see a place on it for AMYA members to register their Footys. That way we could keep track until we reach the 20 owner limit required for official recognition. We have the rules, etc. so all we need now is 20 registered sailors!

I look forward to working with you, Bruce. [:D]

Bill Hagerup

p.s. Brett, take care of this guy…I think he’s a keeper.

Welcome aboard Bruce!

What the heck, go ahead and name your boat “Bill”. Ol’Guy isn’t really fitting for a sleak, new boat, anyway.

I’m looking forward to great things happening here.

Thanks for you willingness to step forward.

Oh Well!

I’ll do my best. I’ll need: patience (mine and yours), news (I’ll let you know what we can use…), and a little time to get things going.

We can have a good time, and I’m looking forward to all that.