Want a Hi-capacity battery for a TX

Can you buy new batteries with a high capacity like 2300mAH for a Futaba stick TX? I tried two homebuilts, but there’s always one cell that’s bad. I’d rather get one from a good place. Just need some leads & I’ll add my own connector


I use one of these. Actual capacity si closer from 1600 than 2300, but it’s enough, and for the price, you can get a spare one!



They should have something that will work for you.

I picked up two 9.6v 2000mah square packs for my Polk TrackerIII. The Tracker came with a 600mah pack which didn’t last very long.

One 2000mah allows me to sail in a two day event without needing to recharge. I got two so I have one backup. I rotate them after each sailing session.


One seller had a deal on a 2-pack of 9.6v 2500 maH packs for $27 delivered.

not bad.

Try www.batteryspace.com I got 2 2000 mAH nimh battery packs for @25 They have higher capacity batteries sets available. Some people really like the APAK battery systems.

Can you get just the battery packs from Apak? FGrom the ads in MY, it appears you can only get a battery/charger combo, but it’s still way more expensive than my separate stuff.