Wannabe sailor

Hi! I have just moved to a place which is very condusive to r/c water sports. We are on a man-made lake in the Phoenix area and I have about 1/2 mile of water out the back door. I have a Villian off-shore racer which is fun while the battery lasts (gas isn’t allowed), but I am going to get a r/c sailboat now and would like some recommendations as to what to get. I am an experienced model builder and look at building a boat as half the fun of getting one. Any suggestions?

Also, I have seen some boats racing at Tempe Town Lake on occasion when I have been there kayaking. Does anyone know the club name/contact?

Thanks much.

here you go.

http://www.azmya.org/Tempe%20Town%20Lake%20MYC.htm If you want a semi build boat, you can get a victoria, a very popular one design that they sail at this club.

Thanks Dan!

Can anyone recommend where to shop for boats?

Thanks again.

For a victoria http://www.towerhobbies.com/.

Tower Hobbies is pretty good, but I think your local hobby store would be friendlier, and more helpful. You can get hands-on help & product samples, and no waiting to get help. That is, assuming the people there are knowledgable, and if the store has been around long, they will be. I’m ure not sure if an r/c car or airplane-based store would be more helpful to a sailor, both can help you with radios, batteries, servos, and such.