Anyone tried VSK5 yet? I’m looking into getting something to occupy my rainy days seeing as all my hobbies are better in the sunshine.

I have it and it is amazing. i suggest you get it right away. I don’t know what to say about it, online is the best part, people are releasing new boats that you can install and use online like the VOR70, RC44, Star, etc

Sweet. I may drop by my local Best Buy and see if they’ve got it tonight.

Dies anyone know where to buy a good sailing simulator:zbeer:

I got VSK5, I love it except the fact that it keeps on crashing! I know my video driver is out of date, but sheesh!

I saw VSK 4 when it came out, and the most noticeable difference was the price… maybe 4 will come down significantly now… 3 still does everything quite well… any reviews on 5 other than the crashing issue? Video drivers will do that for you, in a heartbeat… but they are easy enough to fix.

yeah, problem is my innanet at the house won’t be up until Monday.:rolleyes:

IF anyone is thinking of getting VSK, I’d recommend taking the plunge and getting 5. Just make sure your computer meets the requirements. VSK4 is pretty well dead online now and it gets a bit boring sailing against CPU boats. They aren’t very good.

VSK isn’t distributed in the US. You can buy it and download it from their site, though.

Check out the US based club if you are interested at VSK-USA

Pardon the spam, but at least it’s relevant, right? :wink:

if your in aus you can pick up VSK5 for AU$35 at EB Games. also good clubs to join are vsk-aus.com vsk-usa.com and also http://vsk-ayc.totalh.com/ (anarchy yacht club).
for a real sailing simulator, wait for stentec sail simulator 5 to come out as its going to leave everything for dead with regards to boat physics, sail controls, boat designers, and i don’t kno what else. i do know these things are fact though

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Hi Gregman,

Take a look at this link too. Some good advise to add to your virtual sailing pleasure.