Vortex 60

Does anyone have details on the Vortex 60 (Larry??)
I’ve read a few bits and pieces about this boat but don’t have any real info. i think it had an optional genoa???



According to this link, Larry owns one (looks pretty good to), so hopefully he should be able to hook you up with some info.


this might help some

I do indeed have one through the kind preservation efforts of Charles Mathews. I am sad to say that while I have had it for about 6 months it has not made it to the water as of yet… just simply no time to put it together. It has been diagnosed, and I have a few issues to sort out before I can make the changes needed to have it all correct.

I have built 2 different prototype winches that work along the same principle of the SC-4 “Stringeater” winch and have been pursuing foreign manufacture of them, but the cost of tooling and the initial run are just more than I can afford or even need. I myself trying to produce them one at a time is not a good solution either, but I am sure that something will work itself out in the next year. The good news is that they are both much MUCH faster, and considerably more powerful than the SC-4 and can do the job in real time that the SC-4 was just on the edge of making possible.

I have all the Vortex info that was available to the boat/owner as purchased so if you are looking for specific answers I can probably find them for you. It is a lovely sailing boat (from my 25 year old memories) and I truly do look forward to getting this one back on the water, hopefully in the next few months. Between now and December 1st we are in the “everything or nothing” phase of construction/delivery, so it will not be until into 2007 sometime.

If I can answer anything for you let me know,