VOR and SOL on-line racing

the VOR is pretty over the top as well… not as much tactics invloved as being able to predict the weather and keep your boat in the wind witht h ebest polar speeds…

I guess I’m more of a dinghy(bat) kind of guy…

Anybody interested in the VOR online game, when the race starts?

Hey Marc -

are they “real time” - or a combo type of race? Reason I ask is I’m still working, so sitting around for several days (or hours) at one time isn’t going to work for me. Going in it sounds neat, but I can’t spare time sitting in front of a screen for hours just to catch a windshift. How do these work?

Thanks, Dick

I’m starting the Global Ocean Race game early tomorrow morning http://www.globaloceanracegame.com, but not paying for any of the options (hyperspace). I’ll also do the VORGame next month. The long races away from land don’t require much online time, but some of the weekend, short races need you around more often if you are near land. I’m not fond of the “Many Players” games because they want you to buy $20-$30 sails or steering options to be competitive.

I also sail most races at http://Sailonline.org as they are all free, and there is no performance options to buy… everyone is the same speed every race. THe boats update themselves every 15 seconds or so, and the weather moves through in 10 minute increments so it is WAY more realistic than the VOR or the Global Challenge. hew565 is my boat at SOL.

Maybe these posts should be in a new thread?

Hew I am in the GOR mjs82…


you don’t need to sit in front of the computer for hours. you can set a course and come back later and change course, I looks like in GOR you can set waypoints…and looka t weather forecasts ect

Hew I don’t spend the money either…


who are you on GOR

“Hyperspace”, and Ron S, who hosted the Victoria Nats this year, is “ronco”.

VORG is up an running with a beta today…



http://sailonline.org just finished a long race, and the top three US flagged boats are all Victoria sailors. Me, Ron Stephanz and Ray Seta finished 8th, 21st and 30th in a fleet of 368 boats. I get to sleep all night tonight!

Hi Marc:

I´sailing in this VOR race.
My boat´s name is TABASCO2.

doing prety good 2nd place…

i som ehow got the auto sail/auto course screwed up and Istarted drifting west, which wasn’t too bad but I did something and I sailed due east into no wind… I’m thinking either I turned off the one of the auto course or auto sail functions… or I was thinking I was in the GORG in which I needed to head east… oh well…

Marc, I thing the game has turned on/off your options as they test stuff. Several times I have logged on to find the auto sails turned off. There is no reason to ever turn that option off, but it was. The auto course was off when I know I left it on too. I’m hoping these options will be available for free in the real game, like last time, because I’m not paying for something like this that doesn’t work! Also, it never remembers my “friends”, so I have to add you guys every time I log on.

I’ll sail in this one, but will spend more effort on the http://Sailonline.org version of the race.


I signed up online at sailone.org. gatorsailer

I’m registered for the NZ coastal race just trying to figure out how to get set up for a practice race…

Several friends have just finished the VOR, in-shore race game at http://volvooceanracegame.com, and the general consensus is that it is much improved over the game two years ago. As the options (Pro Sails, Constant Wind angle, waypoints, etc)were able to be purchased with some of the credits they gave everyone, it was an even playing field for the in-port race. Two years ago, there were sponsors who footed the bill so that everyone could have Pro Sails, so that was also a fair playing field. We will have to wait and see how “Free” the 2011 race will be, but a small amount of coin would be fair for a competition that will last around 9 months!

Optionally, the same “World Race 2011” will be held at http://sailonline.org where everyone gets the same boats, and there is never a charge to compete with the best. The VOR 2011 starts Nov 5th, so sign up now if you think you want to try it. It’s hard to jump in after the start and expect to do well! I’m doing both. Hyperspace in the VORgame and hew565 at Sailonline. say Hi if you play!

BTW, I finished 81st out of over 20,000 for the weekend race, and am ranked 11th at SOL.

well 2 broken boats in 24 hours…

one mast, and one holed hull.

sanya will need to replace a 6 meter section of hull… Abu, think they will be back in the water in the 24 hours

another broken mast…

Skipper Ken Read reported: “We were sailing on a port tack, beam reaching in 22-23 knots of breeze, heading east northeast with eight to 10 foot waves when the mast failed. There were no warning signs.

all the greatest minds, building these light fast boats. but it comes down to the old adage. You can’t win a race if you cant finish it… breakdowns stink.

it may look like the skipepr that protects and babies their boat just may be the winner…