Volvo ocean race game

Sorry folks - I’ve got hooked on yhis, so you are going to suffer!

I am ‘The Black Dog’, currently lying about 84,000th - but gaining (mostly).

If anyone else wnts to join in, I suggest that autopilots and auto sail-changes are dreadfully unsporting! This gives those of us on diuretics and/or with prostate problems a clear advantage!


In the Volvo Race…
My boats are “Medication” 22634th and “LittleBit” 36367th as I type.

Angus, have you been in since the beginning or are you a new convert?
Is is very addictive.

I have sailed in and finished the Vendee Globe. It took me 112 days, 22 hours and 33 minutes and my position was 66910 th.

I see they are about to start the rowing race (across the Atlantic?) which you can also compete in.

My boats are:

Crazy 3


This game is is very, very, very addictive!!!

New convert - 30 hours worth! And addictive - I’m damn nearly steering the tning by hand!


Link please gentlemen

gator bait here…84899 I was up in the 20K’s but when I went away for 4 days to the NCR I drifted aimlessly.

now im in this dismal hole chugging along a 7 knots…

wow I sail this boat like I sailed my footy at the NCR…

If you are serious about joining this game then I shall post the following health warning…

“This game is addictive and may also damage your marriage”.

This link will take you directly there…

My wife HATES the fact that I’m hooked on this game.

IOM 238, IOM 341 and IOM 811 (the last two took a bad gamble back around New Guinnea).

I’m Glass Petrel and Rohar, in the 50, and 40 Ks. I quessed wrong about going East from Qingdao and about going south from Fiji. Oh, woe!
Its a lot harder than it looks. I don’t think I’m going to be selected to be the next tactician in the “Footy Round the World Ocean Race”—whenever Angus organizes it.

Have any of you tried the VRTool? I now have all the boats listed here on my screen, and can see what winds you are in, what courses you are steering now and in the past, when you changed course, what sails you are using and changes you have made, as well as your speed. The program is a bit difficult to use at first as there are only limited instructions as to what buttons to click to do what, but a bit of experimentation and experience soon pays off.

Here is a pic of the current state of the VORG generated by the VRTool, showing most of the Footy-owned boats.

Footy Round the World Ocean Race !!! Now there’s a thought about publicity for the class … !!!



Fot those new to this - or even slower on the uptake then me, if that is possible! - the winds change only at 11:00 (GMT + 1) and 23:00 (GMT +1). Any changes you get between those times are because you have moved from one wind area (defined by an arrow) to another.

For calculating the time to next winf area (i.e. when to set the alarmclock for), this site is helpful!


Try dragging yourself out of your warm bed at 5:00AM (fortunately Canada has just moved to Daylight time, so now its 6:00 AM!!!)—just because the wind changes!
What we do for love----of sailing!

I’ve given up going to the warm bede! It’s just like going back 20 years to being the ace ‘groper’ for real!

I read total miles is 32,000 @ 1 MPH = 1,333 days. At $8 per set of lithium batteries per day, that is lot of bucks.

See just like at the NCR. I’m DFL… :slight_smile:

I have even set up a Yahoo group for model boat sailors.

I’m Hyperspace, BTW. 6017th at the moment.

Lots of Victoria sailors and a few IOM sailors in the group. I’ve been getting up at 4am local time since October, for the VORG and also the Vendee Globe.

Check out the version of the same race. It is much more like real sailing, and there are weekend races along with the VOR legs. It’s free too, and you even get delayed command tools that work! I do both, hew565 on that site.

A VORG video you can all relate to,

Have you caught on to the “Amundsen Tribute Qingdao to Rio Race”?

These guys decided it was a shorter distance from Quingdao to Rio if you go “over the top” of North America. Obviously, they missed the mark at the southern tip of the Cape, so they won’t be scored as winning but they’re going to get there first.

Check out downfocker, FreeRunX5 and badejolle.

A lot of these guys in a previous leg called themselves the “southern ocean all-stars” as they went for max distance covered in 24 hours across the southern ocean.

Can’t wait till they real boats are arriving down the street from my office in Boston in May.