Volvo 70 Ericsson Plan Build


well after being inspired by watching this years race I decided to give this model a go. I have experience of flying RC planes, gliders and the real things but this is my first attempt at a sailing yacht…

So far I have managed to cut out the hull formers and am in the process of attaching them to the building board.

VO70 RC Boat 001.JPG

VO70 RC Boat 002.JPG

VO70 RC Boat 003.JPG

VO70 RC Boat 007.JPG

  1. Based on the look of the wall plugs, you are probably not here in the U.S. - Might want to post your country as you may find others with same interests.

  2. To what size ratio are you building? 1:10, 1:20 or ???

Good luck with the build and the building log.

There was me trying to keep up anglo-american relationships!!!

1:17.2 scale

do it… i am interested in all boats… and i do follow the volvo series… NOT as close as the americas cup. but i would like to see you follow it up

where did you get your drawings? is there a place i can get them?

i am always on the look out for new projects

oracle is #1 on the list for this winter
ericicson 4 would be nice as #2 :slight_smile:

and welcome to the forum

I requested the plans from and they turned up about 1 week later.

I’m afraid there has been little progress over the past week but the planking is well underway now.

One mistake I have learnt is to make sure the tails on the hull shadows are long enough so you can set them up nice and easy on the model board. So far I have used 25mm ply for the board base, 6mm marine ply for the shadows and 10mm x 3mm balsa strips for the planking.

I am currently trying to work out what glass cloth to use, maybe 40g/kg or simliar, and ideas???

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hows the boat coming… have not seen anything lately? and from what i saw… it was looking good

Nice work! any progress?

If you need some inspiration, here is probably the nicest V70 Ericsson built, same scale as yours. You have to loggin in order to see the pictures. But boy it worths the trouble.

And for those who want the plan, here there are. The “Slow Download” link at the bottom still work well but I suggest to uncheck the “Download with FileFactory’s download manager”.

Keep your good work,