VO 70 with canting keel

Hello. I have developed a canting keel model for the volvo ocean race organisation in 2008. Now I have tested an improved carbon type in hamburg. Great sailing. It works more than 2 hours without charging.


I want to set up an new class of model boats in germany. Are there similar projects in the world?

I’ve seen the models on the website, very impressive! The Youtube link no longer works though :frowning:

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Hi there!..

I have developed 2 such yachts and I am sailing mine almost everyday here in Valencia… Except that I based mine on Open 60 designs using Juan K influences too after building Ericsson 4. I have developed a super light weight/strong design that copes with code zeros and full on chinese gybes in 30 knts of breeze.
My next one will be even wider with deck spreaders and rotating mast. So watch out!
I also have GPS and onboard camera too!

Search for Astute Composites on You Tube… Enjoy!