VMG IOM Homebrew

I am currently well underway with another IOM design called VMG. Her vital statistics are, beam 208mm (8.25") transom 112mm (4.5") max draft 50mm (2") set 515mm (20.5") from the transom, C/L mast to LE fin 18mm (.75"). There is a chine running from midships to transom.
Steady progress has been made since I started the design approx 4 weeks ago. However, I used foam board shadows which reacted with the alphatic glue which both stained the balsa and rusted the fixng pins :Gnasher:
A part from that I’m pretty happy with the looks.

A couple of photo’s of the fore deck

Job done and she goes well

A short film in very calm conditions.


Mark -
after watching your recent video, I like the lines as it sets on the water. Without my reading glasses - it has a TP52 look to it. Did you keep any of the offsets or lines from the design? I ask as I am thinking of a possible first IOM once I retire end of month. I’ve never really like the IOM concept, but am looking at a possible US1M class boat. If you have section templates, and are willing, please PM me with a cost to use them for a personal build.

Thanks, Dick

Hi Mark,
is this the same boat as above or a copy off ? same pond, same sail n° and probably same swans !

Hi Dick
It would be a pleasure to do some drwg’s for you. I’m not familiar with the US1M yacht. However, if they are lighter than the IOM you shouldn’t have any displacement worries. If heavier or the same weight I would amend the hull very slightly by making the bow ever so slightly fuller and raising the transom off the water line by 3mm. I tend to find that when VMG is on a dead down wind run the pressure in the rig is enough to push the bow down which is beyond the desired up rake of the bulb. I’m sure I slightly more buoyant bow would help eleviate this problem. If you sail in predominantly light wind conditions this probably wouldn’t be necessary.
If you want to chat more send a PM

Hi Claudio
Same pond, same Swan and same sail number. Although, Primer was my first hand drawn and built IOM design. VMG is my second. I’m a lot happier with VMG’s looks and performance but as I’ve mentioned to Dick there are some refinements I’d like to make to VMG more suitable for top of the range rig conditions.
Primer was the opposite, great when over pressed! but a drag when the wind dropped.

There are build logs and more photo’s for both Primer and VMG on my Blog,

Thanks a lot Mark

Hi Mark, best compliments for the boat and the “crescendo” of music and wind .-
Bravo, GINO ITA 95