videos of rc multihulls!!!

hi heres some cool videos of rc multihulls merry christmas !!!


what ten views and no comments?:spin:

Had to wait and catch it at work on broadband - here’s some following comments…

  1. One of the best videos of the Mini40/F-48 that I’ve seen. Lots of small clips out there, but this one provides some good looks at the tremendous speed and acceleration afforded by the “water” boats. Bill Korsgard and friends have similar if not faster with their land/ice yachts.

  2. Because it gives views on all points of sail, this should answer some of the questions of non-multihull sailors who may be considering.

  3. It also seems to dispell some of the “bad press and rumors” that multihulls can’t tack - or tack slowly. While perhaps a tiny bit slower than a monohull, the speed sure makes up for the time difference in a tack.

  4. Not shown, is how well these can point when sailing to windward compared to a monohull - which would be the only thing left to show/prove/disprove. While the bigger M40/F48 was definitely “flying” the little 1 Meter and even the smaller Hobie “wannabe” also exhibited some speed potential.

  5. The second video of the Hobie-type hulls (a little too much bow rocker) shows that a cat can sail well without the extra hull. The hiking/moving ballast idea was rather unique, and sure looks a lot better than the sliding contraption that MicroSail came up with. Captured on board, but seemingly workable, the idea seems to work, and from a distance gives the impression of a crew or single handed skipper hiking out.

I would be inclined to use either video as proof that the multihull concept works - and if building 3 hulls doesn’t interest anyone, a 2 hulled alternative is always there. I think I would increase bow buoyancy of a cat to resemble the hulls of a current NACRA Formula 17 / Inter 17 though. More for asthetics.

Thanks for posting them - thery’re making their rounds among some of the multihull “faithful” over here.

Im glad you liked them ,though i cant take the credit for finding them Ernst made them available so i thought id follow suit and let others anjoy them.i also have some pics from a german site of the modified floats on a ghost train after the guy decided the floats needed more volume i beleive but my german isnt very good but heres the pics anyway .