Video of Vero Beach, FL Footy Regatta Uploaded.

The video can be seen @ Will eventually post another showing Slippers & RC.

There were 3 Butch Bragging Sharks sailing that finished in 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Good job Titusville MSC. There was one Pool Shark also. I sailed my 2 year old FF-2 GoldFoot with gold color 219 sq in sail & “T-Rig” and can be seen finishing a close 3rd in the video. Winds were generally lite on a very nice day. Thanks Vero crew for a very nice event & trophies.

Butch usually posts info on his Titusville MSC website & we will get something up on also.


Thanks for posting the video. It looks like the boats are moving very fast, or is that an illusion? The boat with the pink sails looks interesting, it is hard to tell, but it looks like a sloop rig on a 3-D hull.

Hi Walt

It is a Pool Shark w/swing rig owned by John Egizi who sails at Tanglewood here in Sebring. Finish was 6th. He also sails a custom double ender he designed & built. The results are posted by Butch Bragg @ Titusville MSC. Butch is the designer & builder o the boats that finished 2nd thru 5th, 3 Shark 3’s & 1 Shark 2.


Apparently you were too modest to mention that you won the regatta. Is your boat a modified Bob-About 2?

My first design (FF-1) called Half A$$ was a takeoff on the hard chined B-2 from Brent. I made the top flat, stern thinner & angled to fit the corner of box to the extreme. The stern was also lowered in the box & diagonal to get more water line length. I don’t know if Brett has his boat fit diagonal or not as I did not build to his patterns. So yes, it is similar to Brent’s design as the flat bottom had the same radius.

The FF-2 that I have been sailing for 2 years is a totally rounded bottom which I simply shaped by eye. Other than that, it uses direct drive rudder, T-Rig & Hook & Loop mainsheet attachment for quickly changing its 5 sails from 135 to 219 sq inches. Butch Bragg’s Shark 3’s have a similar hull shape.