Victoria Sails

Sails are the engine. Since I like building fast boats, you might think I would spend more time on them. But I dread the accuracy, cleanliness and knowing a botched project is likely when I begin.

With each succession of winkles, puckers and double-stick tape that lands and won’t release, I get more comfortable with it. US1M and RG65 are my focus but I l also have a Victoria.

I decided to use the V’s sails as patterns for new ones with two draft seams (from sticky blocks per L.Robinson’s MMYS booklet) in each. My boat is unfinished so I am sending the sails to friends who sail Victorias (with sails that came with the kit) in a new club that they have formed.

Since this is such a popular class, I raise the question…

Do drafted sails on a Victoria make a difference on your boat, in your racing fleet? Is it common to change from stock sails?


Yes and Yes!

I have only ever raced in one regatta, but the answer is yes.

The kit sails are a good way to get on the water quickly and start up the learning curve of sailing experience. However, after a couple months sailing, when the boat has been brought to a condition of reliability, and if there are other boats on the water, it is likely that aftermarket sails will be the next step in optimization of the boat.

Rod Carr


Your reputation precedes you. Your experience will be very well received here. WELCOME to the forum!!!


If you are going to optimize you vic for racing. IMO. get the sails and build your rig around the sails. while its nice to get on the water fast and start learning and having fun. if/when you decide to buy/build your own sails you may find that your rig doesn’t fit the sails… too tall, too short, booms not long enough, ect…

just some food for thought…