Victoria is Sweet

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I go to the Bruce Peninsula every week-end to sail, weather permitting, either my boat or on boats of friends. I am retired so I could maybe drop by mid-week and take a look at another boat and take pictures so I can compare.
My Victoria is up at the cottage, north of Wiarton, Bruce Peninsula.

Have you built a Victoria yet? I assume from the thread that you were going to get a Victoria.

I have it here on the shelf in the box but have not built my Vic as yet… Working on the gift boat first, ETNZ. But I can tell you that you need to get in contact with the Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto. I can get you the contact email, PM me. Victoria’s and Soling’s, however many members have a few different classes. My contact has 37 boats. A little obsessed but he loves the hobby and is a great guy to talk with.

I met up with them on Sunday at a Victoria Regatta at Humber Bay Park. What a great group. I cant say enough. You want to know about Vic’s you need to meet them. If they don’t know they will find out for you. I spent about 3 hours looking, chatting, analyzing boats and setups. Was handed a controller and asked if I wanted to sail. Then after the first race was asked if I wanted to try a race. To which I hesitantly did. I love the Victoria. Not only that but I loved the race. I didn’t think it would have that affect on me. I was only looking for personal enjoyment and relaxation with this hobby. I know how to sail and used to race Tasar’s with my wife before we started a family, so the sailing concepts I know. RC is different but its stick time, and reading the boat from a distance. Did I say I loved it, and the Victoria. These members here at and are so right about the Victoria!!! I will still have my ETNZ stoked when finished though!

My Victoria will be my winter project and in the spring the Vic will be ready to race. I will register my boat with AMYA and get my Canadian sail numbers too. I may even speak to them about joining. They have around since 1958. The venue they sail on is leased by them for use. Wow, there own pond to sail in, great location 40min from Ajax. Sweet

Oh one other thing, Thursday during the day some of members that are retired. Get together for some fun sailing. I have a week vacation in Sept an have asked to joined with my them for a day of fun with my ETNZ. Although it will draw more water with that deeper keel I will likely get stuck on the weeds by then. However, More exposure to the Victoria, plus other classes sail there too.


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Glad you are a happy sailor-to-be, and good luck with your two builds.

Things are moving along with my one year old pre-owned but rarely used Victoria.
Stripped to the hull Prepping for painting at this point. Next is the rigging.
So I looked at Vision Sails for an entire rig and sail set. Anyone have any
experiences they would like to share with me. Nice thing is that the entire rig
comes assembled on a jig. You move straight from the jig to boat, then tuning.
The other alternative is buying parts from Okanagan and assemble. Although their
sails are quite expensive at 140.00 I think. And are they competitive enough to
warrant that kind of extra money? I have a recommendation for Carr Sails or an
alternative. This is my first Victoria and only my second boat build but once
again I would like to build a competitive boat for racing. Your excellent
feedback is appreciated.




Rod Carr is in Redmond and sails with the Seattle Yacht Club. They have a very active Victoria fleet so he probably has a lot of experience not only building the sails but racing them as well. He is a first class sailer and sail maker, I don’t see you going wrong with him.

Thanks Danny. I purchased a set of Carr Sails from Rod about a month ago mate. They were for my first Victoria. Second build is on going now.